To Bicycle Bag or Not To Bicycle Bag?

I noticed this morning on Pinterest that GiveLoveCycle has bags out in two new classic colors – camel and black. Quite lovely!

GLC's New Bag Colors - Classic and Classy (image courtesy of the GLC website)

GLC’s New Bag Colors – Classic and Classy (image courtesy of the GLC website)

It got me thinking about mine, which is a special Capital Bikeshare edition red. I’ve had the large bag for a year now, and the small bag for about 10 months. Admittedly, I don’t use them for helmet bags, which is what they were designed for, but I use the small bag as my daily purse – and it’s beginning to look at bit, well, worn out. I’ve begun to think about what I might replace it with, which acknowledging that I don’t really want to replace it at all. And yet, it might be time for something new.

My GLC bags have been all over the world with me in the last year – the large one went to Copenhagen and New York City, and is soon going to Arkansas and Missouri when The Mechanic and I visit his family. The small one has been to San Antonio, Montreal, San Francisco (and on Bikeshare bikes in each of those cities!), Sacramento, Mendocino, and any number of local areas. Really, they are THE best travel bags, along with my fabulous Basil pannier tote. They look classy, too – I can carry my small GLC bag into a corporate client meeting and not feel like a bike-riding hippie with some shapeless, style-less bag. And I love the red!

But what to replace it with? Another GLC bag? I’m not sure what color I would choose. What about a PoCampo bag? They are also firm favorites amongst the bike-stylish, and I do like the colors and patterns they come it. But I’m not sure they look “corporate” enough for daily use. Basil has some nice options as well, but the colors vary – either way too wild for work, or too mundane. I’d kill for a Michaux bag, but they are sadly out of my price range (but those bags inspired my reflective fashion, so some day I will have one!).

I do like the blue striped Po Campo Logan bag (Image courtsey of the Po Campo website)

I do like the blue striped Po Campo Logan bag (Image courtesy of the Po Campo website)

I really love these Michaux bags...

I really love these Michaux bags… (image courtesy of the Michaux website)

There is much to consider when purchasing a new purse – size of course, material, color, number of pockets, how long the handle drop is (too short and you can’t get it on your shoulder, too long and it bangs awkwardly on your side), is it weather-proof? Does it look professional? Will it be office-to-happy hour appropriate? Since I carry one small-ish bag, I want it to move seamlessly through my life.

Anthropologie Bicycle Bag - I can't see myself carrying something like this, even to a client meeting

Anthropologie Bicycle Bag – I can’t see myself carrying something like this, even to a client meeting

I *adore* these Dooney Burke bags from last year, but I don't think they are big enough

I *adore* these Dooney Burke bags from last year, but I don’t think they are big enough – and they aren’t available anymore

I guess don’t really need a bike-specific purse, because I put it in my front basket anyway, rather than fasten it to the bike in some way. Picking something non-bike specific opens up a huge range of options, to be sure.

Dozens and dozens of options on! (image courtesy of

Dozens and dozens of options on! (image courtesy of

But if I am going to spend money on a product, I would like to support a bicycle company, especially one that is designing women-specific products. What are other stylish, professional, affordable options? Do I go the conventional route, or find something “bikey”?

Perfect fit!

Perfect fit!


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3 responses to this post.

  1. Since I bike to work, grocery shopping, my bike pannier is just simply easier. In fact when I do carry a real purse, I tend to forget it!


    • I carry a purse and a pannier every day when I bike to work, if not more, so forgetting my purse isn’t a problem – especially when it sits in my front basket right under my nose! But if I move my purse stuff into my pannier for a “simple” shopping run, I always end up over stuffing the pannier and putting my wallet and keys in the front basket anyway!


      • I make sure I buy panniers that have a zippered pocket to stuff my wallet and keys. I have to ensure I buy the right size wallet –meaning something not too long/big.

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