Isn't this pin from Colette amazing?! One of my best Christmas presents!

2017 Sewing Planned Already

Somehow I’ve started 2017 with EIGHT sewing projects lined up! Patterns and fabric, just waiting for some time. And they mostly seem to be spring/summer projects – what happened to my winter sewing plans?! At the rate I get things done, though, I might as well get these things made, so I have them all ready for warmer weather.

Trying to use my Colette planner to stay organized and coordinated this year.

Trying to use my Colette planner to stay organized and coordinated this year.

On my list are:

  • A tee shirt out of Charley Harper Sanderlings bird print knit (for our trip to Disney World in 14 days!)
  • Two Dressy Talk woven tees – one in a basic blue-gray tencel twill, the other in a shoe-print cotton that I’ve had for decades
  • A gray pencil skirt using the Sew Over It Ultimate Pencil Skirt pattern, something work-appropriate, although not bicycle-appropriate. It probably won’t get anything reflective anywhere
  • A summer dress out of a dark teal tencel twill, from the same Simplicity pattern I made the Pegasus blouse out of, Simplicity 8216
  • The only thing winter-appropriate on my list is the “Victorian” blouse out of ivory tencel twill (can you guess what fabric I’m currently obsessed with?!?), out of the fabulous Simplicity 8166 pattern. This will be super work-appropriate, and also not get anything reflective…
  • The red chambray trousers that I cut out ages ago – I *must* get these done! Plus, I love the style
  • A dress for a friend, which was promised way too long ago

I’m debating on whether or not to make the shoe print Dressy Talk tee as well as the sanderlings tee for our Disney World trip – I really want to wear something #memade every day of that five-day trip. On the other hand, I could use the time to start the Victorian blouse, because we have a work event at the beginning of February to which I’d really love to wear the blouse. I know, I know – everyone should have such dilemmas!

I am going to spend the rest of January analyzing my winter work wardrobe. I want to see how much winter-appropriate pieces I’ve made that I can wear to work, and keep a list of what I wish I had. I really want to make that winter coat I’ve been dreaming about, so that will need to go on this summer’s project list if I want it done for next winter. I think jackets and coats are going to be my 2017 learn-to-make projects. (See how I’m avoiding pants?) I am quite pleased with these two tops, made during my holiday Sewing Staycation….

…. but really can’t figure out how to style these pants… I just don’t love them. As you can tell by my face.  blue-pantsEven though I need to complete all these projects before I can justify starting something else, I have things in mind, so I need to buckle down and get these done! Then onward and upward!

Isn't this pin from Colette amazing?! One of my best Christmas presents!

Isn’t this pin from Colette amazing?! One of my best Christmas presents!





2016 Lessons Learned

The fact that 2016 was a challenging year can’t be denied but it wasn’t all that bad either – The Mechanic and I traveled a lot and we adopted Gaston! gastonI can’t say I’m glad the year is over, but I do like new beginnings, so I’m always happy to ring in a new year. I enjoy looking back over my year and looking ahead to the new one, and I love planning, so of course I love making new plans.

There is always something to be learned from our past, even our really recent past, and 2016 is no different. I definitely learned some lessons last year, which will help feed my plans for 2017. The lessons applicable to this blog are about biking and sewing, of course!


I biked to work just about every day this year, and our new apartment gave me an extra half-mile each way. But I feel that I’ve gotten a bit lazy…

  1. Biking to work 3 miles each way every day really isn’t a workout. Combine lack of weekend/recreational biking along with my inability to get to the gym much this year, and I’m definitely out of shape. So I need to add “biking on the weekends” to my 2017 plans.
  2. I still prefer bike touring in new places. I stopped biking on the weekends mainly because I’d exhausted the trails that are easily accessible. If I can see in my head every turn and stop, I’ve done it too much and find it boring and uninteresting. But between our weekend at the Fall Foliage Bike Festival and our New Years Eve (chilly and quick 12 miles) bike ride in Purcellville, I’m reminded that I prefer new places to bike. Adding “find new places to bike” to my 2017 list.nye-wod


Including the three garments I made last week during my Sewing Staycation, I made a whopping 29 things in 2016! Not all of it was for me, and not all of it I like and wear often, so that brings me to some lessons learned:

  1. Take time to get the fit right. Part of the reason why I don’t wear some of the things I’ve made as much is because I don’t love the fit. It’s nice to have quick, easy projects, but if I’m not pleased with the end result, then it was sort of a waste of time. Last weeks’ Sewing Staycation aside, I don’t have much time to sew, and hate the time it takes to properly fit and alter patterns, and to make muslins, but… I know I need to do it.
  2. Focus more on “corporate” things. I spend more time going to work than anything else, so to be wearable, I need to give it the “corporate meeting” test – would I wear this garment to a meeting with Very Important People? If yes, keep sewing. If no, think again.
  3. Keep working on nicer fabrics and things that coordinate. I’ve got several things that I love but don’t really go with much. It’s not a huge deal to wear the same outfit over and over, but I would prefer things to be multi-functional.

    Completed last Sewing Staycation project - complete with reflective ribbon tab on left hip, of course!

    Completed last Sewing Staycation project – complete with reflective ribbon tab on left hip, of course!

With these lessons in mind, I’ll have to work on some plans for 2017. I do so love planning! I’ve already got 8 sewing projects planned out – Spring things that hopefully will benefit from the above lessons learned. And The Mechanic and I are already talking about a mountain biking weekend – and planning a European bike tour for our big trip this year, yay!

Whether or not you make plans, resolutions or goals for the new year, I hope that you achieve all you want in 2017! Here’s to future success!

On the road to a successful 2017!

On the road to a successful 2017!





My Holiday Sewing Staycation

Since The Mechanic and I neither traveled internationally or visited family for the holidays (I’d prefer to do both at the same time – family trips to Europe are awesome!), I opted for the next best thing – a sewing staycation!

I took off the week between Christmas and New Years, and have been madly sewing. It’s been lovely. I’ve gotten so much done and I still have one (hopefully easy) project left to go! I had grand plans – with nothing to do but sew, I figured I could schedule in workouts and yoga every day, and be in bed by 10pm, to reset my sleep schedule. I don’t suppose it will come as a surprise that my plans didn’t work out… I did yoga one day, and went for a lovely bike ride another day, and definitely have not gone to be at 10pm any night so far! But look at what I’ve done:

Pegasus Blouse

I’ve been dying to make a blouse out of this rayon for months, indecisive about which pattern to use. Finally I decided upon Version C from this Simplicity 8216 pattern, in part because I also want to make the Version A dress in the summer. simplicity-8216Turns out the new blue reflective fabric from Mood matches the colors in this print almost perfectly, so it was easy to make reflective cuffs. Not so useful in the winter when I’m buried under coats and gloves, but there will come a day… Too bad it’s a bit narrow across the back. But I love this blouse and can’t wait to wear it!

It actually looks pretty good with my red pants, too!

It actually looks pretty good with my red pants, too!

Denim “Edna” Skirt

The denim for this skirt was given to me by a friend, who found it in her mother’s stash of fabrics after she passed away. Therefore I named this the “Edna” skirt, in her honor. Friends on Facebook pointed out that it looks a bit Wonder Woman-esque, which would have been a good option too, but I like honoring the fabric.

Denim is hard to photograph indoors....

Denim is hard to photograph indoors….

I hadn’t planned on making a denim skirt, and I promised myself that I would NOT make anything for our upcoming trip to Disney World, but Version B of this McCalls 7475  pattern called to me…

McCalls 7475

McCalls 7475

I decided to make the entire back yoke out of that same blue reflective fabric. It looks cook but it too won’t be very useful until I’m no longer covered in coats. And actually, I might have to always tuck in my shirt to make it 100% useful. But it certainly reflects!

The point in that yoke gave me a lot of grief and the more I tried to fix it, the worse it got. So don’t look at it too closely! But the fabric sewed up beautifully and I’m quite pleased with how the pockets look. The whole thing looks pretty good but I probably shouldn’t have taken in the waist so much because I think it sits too high – that is, it sits right 100% on my waist and feels funny. But looks good!edna-skirt-pocketUnless it’s predicted to be cold in Orlando, this will definitely be going to Disney World with me.

Navy Corduroy Skirt

Technically this wasn’t part of my sewing staycation, because I made it before Christmas, but it’s a recent sewing project so I’m adding it to the list. It’s a straightforward Kwik Sew 3877, which I’ve made before. I made it out of navy corduroy, added a lining, and put some reflective piping down the side seams. Ironically, I didn’t take in the waist and it feels huge – I guess I can’t figure out where and how my waistbands should sit! I do need to shorten the lining in the front a tad, since it peeks out.

Graphic Knit Top

My last sewing staycation project is a knit top intended to be “business” appropriate. (Not that these other things are not, but sometimes I feel I need something a bit more “corporate.”) It’s Vogue 8151, Version A. A “Today’s Fit by Sandra Betzina” pattern, most of the instructions are about proper fit, so I’m looking forward to trying this out. I love the fabric, although it is nothing like my normal preferred prints. v8151

It's cut out and ready to go!

It’s cut out and ready to go!

I hope it goes smoothly. I could get stuck on the hems. I have a twin needle but the instructions walk the sewer through using wooly nylon thread, which I don’t have. But I have a new sewing assistant, so I’m sure he’ll be very helpful. What could go wrong?! sewing-assistantI’ll get to add these to my list of things that I made this year, which feels like a really big list! I can’t wait to review the year and share my favorites with you soon.

Happy New Year!



Happy Holidays, Dear Readers!

This year, Christmas and Hanukkah are at about the same time; Hanukkah starts at sundown on Christmas Eve. Regardless of what you celebrate and where you celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful weekend with love and friends and family! holly-treeThe Mechanic and I will be celebrating with traditions and friends and of course Gaston, who is already spoiled with the arrival of a special hand-knit Christmas stocking from my mom. gastons-stockingIt coordinates with the stockings she made for The Mechanic and I (and Edgar!) last year.

Bicycle for The Mechanic, mini stocking for Edgar, Gaston's, bunnies for me, and Danish hearts in between

Bicycle for The Mechanic, mini stocking for Edgar, Gaston’s, bunnies for me, and Danish hearts in between

I took next week off for a sewing staycation, and can’t wait to have some dedicated time to sew. But first, let the holiday festivities begin!

Much love and happiness to all of you, dear Readers!

Santa is still riding his bike this year! Good for you Santa!

Santa is still riding his bike this year! Good for you Santa!




On a Reflective Roll

I’ve finally had a chance to get some sewing done, and to play with lots of reflective materials, hurrah! Somewhere I got the idea to make reflective neck warmers and so many ideas snowballed from there.

Neck warmer in action - reflective fabric backed with polar fleece

Neck warmer in action – reflective fabric backed with polar fleece

And the neck warmer reflecting!

And the neck warmer reflecting!

I made myself this prototype, complete with elastic drawstring at the top, so I can cinch it up over my nose when it’s really cold, then made one for my Secret Santa coworker. Then, I offered to make some as raffle prizes for the local Hains Point 100 fundraiser for the Washington Area Bicyclists Association’s Women and Bicycles program.

Then…. I had another crazy idea…. A friend brought over some luscious fake fur, to make herself a stole for a fancy holiday party. It was sooooo soft….

You can't tell here but it flowed like water when I brushed my hand over it

You can’t tell here but it flowed like water when I brushed my hand over it

What about a neck warmer lined with fake fur? And to make it super-classy, what if it was reflective tweed?!? I quickly looked up the reflective tweeds at Dashing Tweeds. Every single reflective plaid, check and wave is absolutely stunning and alas, quite expensive. But never one to be deterred by price, I ordered a bunch of samples. They arrived quickly and are so lovely, I almost wanted to cry. dashing-tweed-1

I mean, just look at this!!!

I mean, just look at this!!!

Now I’m thinking beyond the neck warmer – yoke and/or cuffs on a jacket, perhaps?

I also got some swatches of tencel twill and silk/cotton blends from, and this ivory tencel twill goes so nicely with some of the reflective tweeds. It will eventually be a high-necked blouse, which gives me plenty of other ideas.twill-and-tweed I suddenly find myself designing something Downton Abbey Goes Reflective…. I did just get the Butterick Miss Fisher pattern!

I totally have a weakness for traditional riding jodhpurs. Can't explain it.

I totally have a weakness for traditional riding jodhpurs. Can’t explain it.

So while I contemplate reflective tweed and what else I could do with the fabric, I am settling for making a navy blue corduroy A-line skirt with a bit of reflective trim in the side seams. I hope to have it done for Christmas – it’s not the exciting sewing project I’d hoped to complete by then, but its on the list and needs to get done, so that’s okay.

Just a bit of reflective trim in progress

Just a bit of reflective trim in progress


On Balancing Gift Giving and Sustainability

I love the holiday season for so many reasons – holiday lights everywhere, a sense of magic, gluehwein, Christmas tree ornaments, and gift giving. I really enjoy giving gifts – finding something that is special and meaningful for friends and family, picking out fun and thematic gift wrap, and seeing the presents pile up. In my family, stocking stuffers are a big deal. Not $20 luxury candles, as some companies would have you think is appropriate for a stocking gift, but small things, like little Kleenex packets, lip balm, candies, and so on, all $5 or under. (Okay, that still adds up, depending on how large your stocking is!) Finding fun small things is almost more fun to me than big presents!

But over the years, as my brother and I have grown out of the toy phase of life (well, mostly!), and we become more aware of our impact on this planet, mad, frantic gift buying seems inappropriate. So this article from MindBodyGreen struck a chord with me, “Eco-Friendly Everything: How to Make Your Holiday Shopping A More Conscious Experience.”

Most of the gifts I give need to be mailed - California, Texas, New York, Germany...

Most of the gifts I give need to be mailed – California, Texas, New York, Germany…

Tip #1, “Remember that less is more,” is high on my list right now, since we moved last month. Packing up everything then getting rid of stuff we just don’t need makes this much more important to me – we don’t want stuff! I always try to pay attention to Tip #2 – I would never get anyone something that they couldn’t use or don’t need. I believe in shopping small anyway, as someone who sews – I would always rather support local artists if I can. The Mechanic and I like to do experiences. This year we are going to see “The Nutcracker” on Christmas Eve, plus, we have a big trip in January, and are saving up for that. nutcracker-2

Tip #6 is the tip I am trying out this year. We’ve talked about it for years – it would be better to donate to a worthy cause than to spend the money on more stuff. And the time seems right to support the organizations that work on things we value as a family, especially environmental protection and education. You get a donation, and you get a donation, and you get a donation! This could be fun! christmas-tree

It’s actually harder than I though to find The Right Organization, however! There are several really great organizations that protect the environment – Earthjustice, Environmental Defense Fund, Natural Resource Defense Council, The Nature Conservancy…. and on and on. Then there are educational organizations, everything from directly impacting children’s literacy, like Reading is Fundamental, to educational groups such as Southern Poverty Law Center that fights and educates about hate, intolerance and discrimination. I looked for tips and suggestions in “The Giving List,” to see what other, more active and aware people are suggesting.

Although I worry a bit that my family will be disappointed with only a few gifts this year, I hope they will be more touched and pleased when they read the cards notifying them that donations have been made in their names. Somehow it seems like a better legacy to leave behind. It could become the new Christmas stocking tradition – “Which organization is it this year?!” And maybe I’ll start sewing Christmas presents over the summer next year, to round out more conscious gift giving.


I kinda feel like this lately - snoozing in a comfy corner. Must be the cold weather...

Blogging Blahs

I don’t know how people who blog All. The. Time find time to do it. Lately, I’ve been struggling to blog once a week and even then I feel like I don’t have anything to talk about. Or time to properly research more serious bike-related posts that I want to write. Maybe it’s because I haven’t done any fun bike events. Also, I’m not sewing these days; no time yet. Pretty much finished up the unpacking at the new apartment, so that’s one more thing off the to-do list. Maybe next weekend I can get some holiday sewing done. But other than that, what do I have to write about? I am pondering some topics:

  • Perceptions of safety while biking
  • Holiday shopping balancing environmental and social concerns
  • Sewing. Costume design? I just saw “Fantastic Beasts” and *loved loved loved* the costumes…
  • Gaston
  • Bike storage and equity

Not really sure what else there is. Do you ever get the blogging blahs? And what do you do about it?

I kinda feel like this lately - snoozing in a comfy corner. Must be the cold weather...

I kinda feel like this lately – snoozing in a comfy corner. Must be the cold weather…



Sorting Out Our New Bike Lives

It’s shocking yet luxurious – not a single bike in our new apartment! Not even the folding bikes! You wouldn’t know, unless you looked closely and spotted my bike helmet in a cubby (or saw all the bike parts in The Mechanic’s work space), that here lives people who bike for transportation and for fun. I feel a bit guilty about not having my beloved Fauntleroy here in the cozy apartment where I can watch over him…. but I confess that most of my free time is spent watching over Gaston the Lionhead instead. Oops. Sorry, Fauntleroy. gastonOur new building has a large and secure bike room, accessible by fob, with required registration for each bike therein. A windowless room with motion-sensor lights, it boasts two long, double-stacked bike racks. It’s well-used, too; several bikes clearly get used frequently. Some, not surprisingly, look like they’ve been abandoned, with flat tires and cobwebs. Poor bikes. There is enough open space that we can store all of our bikes in the bike room, with plenty of open racks still available. Yay! It’s nice to live in a new building that was built to accommodate bikes.

The bike room reminds me of a vault

The bike room reminds me of a vault


It’s not 100% rainbows and unicorns, and highlights some ways in which bicycles are still seen, even in bike-friendly Arlington, VA, as recreation and/or toys, and not understood, let alone taken seriously. And although we have some previously only dreamed about amenities, we have still had to opt for a different set up to accommodate our daily bike life.

The vent over these upper racks makes them fairly unusable for any bike but folders!

The vent over these upper racks makes them fairly unusable for any bike but folders!

The challenges are:

  • The lovely bike room is in the basement parking garage.
  • The only way to get a bicycle in and out of the basement parking garage is the elevator.
  • The only way to get to the elevator is through the building. It’s not far from the main entrance and lobby. Which means walking the bike through the lobby, or, the preferred route, the side door.
  • The side door conveniently has an ADA-accessible door switch, so the door will swing open to more easily allow us to roll our bikes in.
  • The next door does not.
  • Then there is a door from the elevator into the actual garage.
  • Then there is the door to the bike room (trust me, I’m good with this one!), once you wheel your bike past a row of cars to get to the bike room.
  • Once you are in the room, the racks themselves are challenging – too close together to fit handlebars easily; hard to “feed” bikes into the wheel channels; and if The Mechanic and I have a hard time getting our bikes on the top rack, what about your average family that wants to bike for fun? Nope, not gonna happen.

It’s not impossible, clearly, just many barriers and steps. It’s obvious that designers and architects are not people who bike often, and (or) have clearly not thought through the steps it would take to get a bike to and from the bike room. It would be so much more convenient if:

  1. The bike room was accessible directly from the outside of the building. No hallways, no passing the concierge, no squeezing in the elevator with strollers…
  2. If the bike room had been built next to the elevator bank, so at least we didn’t have to walk through cars. You know drivers aren’t looking while they are hunting for their parking spot.
  3. The racks were designed to be more user-friendly to more than just the super-fit elite roadies. Yes, there are children’s bikes and trail-a-bike racks in the bike room. Help out those parents!

Because of these challenges, The Mechanic and I have started leaving our bikes outside. I know, I know – what?!?!? Yes, dear Readers, it’s true. They have become (predominately) outside bikes. So this has meant an upgrade in bike locks for me. I broke down and bought the Abus Bordo folding lock. I’m pretty impressed with it so far. It’s super heavy, and I appreciate that. I like that it fits in its case on my down tube, rather than the top tube, and looks more discrete than my U-lock.

Lock in action! See the case?

Lock in action! See the case?


It fits snugly in the case, so snugly that I have to work at it to get it out. But that’s preferable to it being too loose!

And this has nothing to do with adapting to our new bike lives, but I had to share anyway – I finally replaced my reflective Lululemon gloves with this swanky glove/mitten set from illumi-nite. They are lightweight, so not deep winter gloves, but something to wear when the mornings are in the 30s or 40s, and afternoons are in the 50s. And they have conductive tips, so I can once again start my Endomondo without having to take off a glove.

illumi-NITE three-in-One Mitten with Glove Liner

illumi-NITE three-in-One Mitten with Glove Liner

Microdots reflecting!

Microdots reflecting!

So in many ways, it feels like a new bike life – even new gloves! I feel like I’m ready for the new year, and we still have December to go!

Hooray for balcony lights!!!

Sewing Room Shapes Up

The Mechanic and I have been madly organizing and unpacking the new apartment – I think Sunday evening we unpacked the last box. We gave the first Craigslister 40 of our boxes this afternoon in what felt like a symbolic victory. The furniture is in place, now we are just fine tuning. We spent most of Saturday in the car, first to IKEA in Woodbridge, VA, then the nearby Home Depot, which didn’t have what we wanted so we drove to the Seven Corners Home Depot and hit Target on the way home. The day was exhausting, expensive, and proved that the more suburban  you are, the worse you drive. So many aggressive, reckless, clueless drivers on the road in Woodbridge! Gah.

We stopped briefly in Occoquan on our way to Woodbridge, so The Mechanic could see the completed River Mill Park, which used to be a water treatment plant. Lovely spot!

We stopped briefly in Occoquan, VA on our way to Woodbridge, so The Mechanic could see the completed River Mill Park, which used to be a water treatment plant. Lovely spot!

On to happier topics – my sewing room is shaping up! Okay, not my sewing “room,” my half of the office which is my sewing space.

My half of the office

My half of the office, in an earlier stage of disarray. Now it’s in a different stage of disarray.

I moved all my sewing and design relater books to this space, and put all my photo albums, which previous had been under the sewing table, in the dining room bookcases. I need to organize the thises and thats still, and we need to replace the table legs, but I could probably crank out some sewing over Thanksgiving weekend. I probably won’t though, because I have cases of old old old papers that need to get sorted and shredded. If I don’t do it now, I’ll be sorry when we move again someday. Trying to be mature and grown up here…

Yay design books!

Yay design books!

There is enough space that I *might* be able to fit in a dressmaker’s dummy. That would be sooooo exciting! But I’m not buying anything like that until the new year. I don’t want to clutter up this nice big new apartment.

Can't you see a dressmaker's dummy here? Oh yeah

Can’t you see a dressmaker’s dummy here? Oh yeah, well, once I move the extra bike helmets and panniers….

The really cool part, well, one of the really cool parts, is that I’ll be able to sit and sewing and look out the window at the same time! And since we just put up balcony lights, well, it makes it more cheerful and magical in this cold, dark weather which is about to get colder and darker. I’ve *always* wanted to live someplace where I could put lights up on a balcony, and now I am. I am SO happy about this.

Room with a view

Room with a view

The Mechanic and I bought tickets to see “The Nutcracker” on Christmas Eve, so now I’m hoping to get at least one sewing project done by then, so I can wear it to the performance. I really want to get the Pegasus blouse done, so that will be my goal. I’ve got about a month – easy, right? What could get in my way during the holidays? Hahahaha…..

Hooray for balcony lights!!!

Hooray for balcony lights!!!




New Apartment! More Space! Balcony! Bike Storage!

We moved!

A whole half mile from our previous place.

And yet somehow, it seemed to be a longer, more painful move. We did several loads ourselves before and after the moving company moved our furniture, and it took Friday, Saturday AND Sunday. Whew. (We purposefully planned to go back and clean the old place on Election Night. Not enough of a distraction…)

The new place is a fancy new building, opened in 2012, with much more square footage. It’s a two-bedroom, two-bath, with a walk-in closet and a *balcony* plus its shockingly quiet.

Moving Night Dinner

Moving Night Dinner – pizza and champagne!

The office is still a chaotic mess (weep, no sewing for weeks still!!!), but the rest of the place is fairly well set.

Yep, office chaos....

Yep, office chaos….

Check out the walk-in closet!

I can see all my things at once, for the first time ever!

I can see all my things at once, for the first time ever!

How cool is this? All my reflective things reflecting in the walk-in closet. <3 <3 <3

How cool is this? All my reflective things reflecting in the walk-in closet.

Gaston's Tavern, set up in the middle of the living room, with a view of the balcony

Gaston’s Tavern, set up in the middle of the living room, with a view of the balcony

Gaston has a view of the kitchen and dining room - hope he doesn't think he can critique our cooking!

Gaston has a view of the kitchen and dining room – hope he doesn’t think he can critique our cooking!

The view from our new balcony. Not many windows but this makes up for it!

The view from our new balcony. Not many windows but this makes up for it!

Enjoying the balcony from our very low camp chairs. Fun lights and taller chairs are on the list

Enjoying the balcony from our very low camp chairs. Fun lights and taller chairs are on the list…

The apartment building has a bike storage room and lots of staples around the building. The bike storage room will of course be the topic of a blog post soon, I’m sure – once I’ve had some time to properly utilize it. bikes

bike-storage-roomI did order a giant Abus Bordo lock, for the times I want to leave the bike outside. I confess that I’m a bit sad about leaving the bike outside, and won’t do it often, but getting in and out of the bike storage room in the basement of the building isn’t that ideal.

I've wanted one of these for a while, so this was a good excuse to fork out a ton of money for it.

I’ve wanted one of these for a while, so this was a good excuse to fork out a ton of money for it.

We are very happy with our new apartment and can’t wait to get the office set up so we can get back to our hobbies. I have so much sewing to do, and every weekend we are dealing with the apartment is a garment that doesn’t get made. Very sad. But the new place is soooo worth it! bikes-by-the-door