Ride for Responsibility

Washington Area Bike Association‘s 2012 New Year’s Resolution was to ride more responsibly, and they encouraged everyone else (well, everyone in the DC area) to join them in this resolution.  In addition to signing up on a pledge on the WABA website, they planned a group ride through DC to show off how responsible riders we all are.  All I could think when I signed up was, “Please let it not be snowing or 30*F on the day we do this ride!”

Naturally, this winter has been so mild that the weather turned out great! It was nice and sunny in the morning, although it seemed to cool down a bit the longer we were out.  The Mechanic and I ran into a few other cyclists on our way into DC, and easily found the large group collected at the starting point (after we stopped so I could run into CVS and buy cold medicine….).

Deep in Conversation

The high point of the ride was stopping in front of the White House for a group photo of everyone, complete with “I ride responsibly” signs.  We made quite the tourist attraction for a group of Asian tourists, who were busy taking our pictures.  I’m not sure what part of our group interested them – the group of 60-some odd cyclists (and it was an odd assortment), or the signs, or they just take pictures of everything…

"We Ride Responsibly"

If you are interested in more information about WABA’s Resolution to Ride Responsibily, click here, and be sure to check out all the photos!

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