Jason Wu for Target

I realize this doesn’t seem particularly “vehicular” because it’s about Target, but bear with me for a minute.  It is related, I swear!

Today was the launch of the latest Target “capsule” collection, this time by designer Jason Wu.  Haven’t hear of him? Most outside of fashion haven’t, but let me just say that he is very popular with celebrities including First Lady Michelle Obama.  Most of the collection at Target is dresses and skirts, and I don’t really like dresses (because I don’t like the way they generally fit on me).  But I was intrigued by the “Cycle” Dress, given my growing obsession with bicycles and my new job in transportation demand management.   And heck, after the frenzy over the Missoni collection last fall, I wasn’t about to miss out on this one!

The Missoni for Target Cardigan I Got in the Fall

So I left The Mechanic’s apartment at 7:30 this morning, since he lives conveniently close to a Target, and locked up my bike in front of the store before joining one of two lines of die-hards waiting for the store to open at 8am.  Wouldn’t you know, the door I was standing in front of, where we could seem them putting out the purse I was after, was the door they announced they were not unlocking at 8am.  So we all dashed over to the other line.  Yes, we were in a line, just like Disney World.  People take this stuff seriously!I was feeling the shopping pressure though, and ordered a dress online through my iPhone while I was waiting – that was fun! (And slightly dangerous….) When I got home and looked at it on my desktop, the “dot” print is actually the wheels as well!

Jason Wu Cycle Print Dress

I didn’t run, when the doors were unlocked, but others did, and thankfully I managed to get the last purse on the rack!  Ha ha! Victory!  Then I saw a large navy scarf with the “Cycle” print on it – naturally I had to grab it.  Turns out that bike wheel pattern was used on a ton of stuff!  And the dress I ended up ordering while I was in line? It has the same wheel design!  So even though I didn’t get the original dress I thought I wanted, I ended up with the design anyway!

Jason Wu Wheel Scarf

Cycle and bicycle themes on clothing is apparently a trend anyway, since Target also had a cute red bicycle print skirt on the website, although it isn’t available anymore. 

Anthropologie had some cute bicycle themed stuff as well, like this cute (but pricey) tote, and they carried a bicycle-printed dress last spring, too.

Anthropologie Bicycle Tote Bag

Or maybe I just notice it all more now that I’m one of those crazy bike-riding people!  But I think it would be funny to wear some subtle yet professional bicycle print business clothing!  I may make a spring top or something…  In the meantime, I’ll enjoy my Jason Wu loot!

Jason Wu Loot








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