I’ve already put over 100 miles on Donner, a bike I recently purchased – I’m so impressed with myself.  So I thought I’d share some photos:


First long ride, heading to Herndon

Returning from Herndon - about 30 miles roundtrip.

Yep, that’s a lot of Day-Glo! But doesn’t it make me look very serious?

This past weekend The Mechanic and I rode to Mount Vernon – 20 miles each way.  It would sound more impressive if we’d ridden there and back, but we stayed and played tourist for several hours.  It was one of those perfect spring days, but more importantly, the Mount Vernon trail was surprisingly empty on the way there, so I was able to concentrate on just riding, and not dodging pedestrians, dogs, and slower bikes.  It felt really good.  Now I can’t wait to join the Rev Cycles Sunday morning group ride!  I’m ready to test out those hills.

I think.


Mount Vernon - George Washington really did sleep here.


Vintage prints on the tiles in the restroom - random? Yes. Cool? Very!

These tiles are a bit random, I realize, but the fashion historian in me can’t help but point out that these images are vintage prints mocking Macaronis – consider them 18th century hipsters.  Oh that’s very Macaroni!


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