My Big Fat Bike Weekend

It’s the beginning of my big fat bike weekend and I’m so excited!

First and foremost, tomorrow is Bike to Work Day and its a huge deal in the DC area. The last I heard was that 12,000 people have registered for a pit stop, to pick up their tee shirts. There is a nice “sibling rivalry” going on between Arlington and DC, to see who gets more cyclists, so we’ll have to see what the final numbers end up being. I will be working in Ballston, at the pit stop at FreshBikes. I’ve heard rumors of unicyclists performing….

Also this weekend The Mechanic and I are heading to West Virginia for the CASA River Ride.

We are going to do a half century, and I have been studying the two options, since there are two 50-mile loops. The Berkeley loop is shorter (48 miles) but according to the elevation charts, has a bit steep climb in the middle.

CASA Berkeley Loop

The Jefferson loop is longer (55 miles) but has steady rolling hills. I think I prefer that. Plus, it has three pit stops! That will help.

CASA Jefferson Loop

I am disappointed that I haven’t had more opportunities to train, not as I’d hoped. I can do 50 miles, but I had hoped to be in better shape so it wouldn’t be as painful or as slow. Guess we’ll see what happens on Saturday!

We are staying in Martinsburg, WV, for the whole weekend, and I’m looking forward to some small town quiet as well. Sunday I think we will go to Harper’s Ferry, which should be fun, I’ve always wanted to go there.

Off I go! Whee!


2 thoughts on “My Big Fat Bike Weekend

  1. We did the Jefferson as well – next year maybe I’ll try the harder one! I didn’t feel as prepared as I’d wanted to be either, but I had a blast and I’m really glad I did it. It was my first event like this, outside of DC, and I’m pleased that it was such a perfect day, and so well supported.

  2. Hi! I rode in the CASA River ride over the weekend–I took the Jefferson loop. I’m wondering which loop you ended up doing; I’m curious about the Berkeley loop. If I ride next year I might like to try it.

    As you found out, the route for the Jefferson loop for 2012 was quite different from the previous year’s route. I liked it, as a matter of fact I rode it quite a bit faster than I had anticipated. The weather was so perfect I felt like I could have done much more, even…

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