Bike Weekend Recap

There was a time in my life when I only obsessed over fashion. Even all those years in grad school, when I was obsessed with all things German (see the unfinished fruits of that labor here), I was still obsessed with fashion. But now when I look at my life, bicycling has clearly moved to the forefront. (Although now I seem to be obsessed with bike fashion, but that will be a later blog…)

So here’s my bike weekend recap –

Bike to Work Day in Ballston

Modeling the reflective vests I was passing out at Bike to Work Day

Rosslyn won the sibling rivalry with DC’s Reagan Building (but just barely!), with 968 cyclists, while Ballston had a respectable 513. See more figures here and check out some photos here. (and sign up for this blog if you haven’t yet!)

CASA River Ride

What I’ve been planning for for ages! We had a blast. Who knew Shepardstown, WV, would be so cute?! A small, historical downtown with a clear German immigrant past (see my other website for personal significance…), a stream that runs through much of it, including through my new favorite restaurant, the Blue Moon Cafe, and a tiny house that was also fully furnished with tiny furnishing!

Shepard University, on German Street

The public library, in a former Odd Fellows building

The tiny house in the middle of town

I love this – on the corner of German Street and Princess Street!

I could go on and on about this town, but I won’t. However, I plan on going back in the fall, so maybe I will then!

The ride itself was the best thing I could have done as a new roadie. It was a beautiful day, absolutely perfect weather, and the country we rode through was gorgeous – rolling farm lands, fields, horses, big and old houses, and the occasional crossing through civilization. It was very well supported, and I was very grateful for the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at the second pit stop! Definitely a tastier option than my Clif Bar. I only got to take one picture, when The Mechanic had to stop for a mechanical issue (quickly resolved, not to dear).

What I really appreciated was the fact that there were few cars, few cyclists, and no pedestrians, so I was able to really get into the bike, and push my limits without fear. Fear of hitting someone or being hit by something! Now I’m going to be itching to do something similar again.

I was surprised that I wasn’t as sore as I thought I’d be, but boy were we exhausted afterwards! We napped for a bit, then went back to Historic Shepardstown to be tourists again, and have another excellent meal at the Blue Moon Cafe. I love that the stream runs through the middle of it!

Blue Moon Cafe, Shepardstown, WV

The next day we admired the Bavarian Inn, checked out C&O Canal Lock  38, and stopped at Antietam National Battlefield on the way home, then Harper’s Ferry. The two couldn’t have been more different. The Battlefield was peaceful, wild, solemn, while Harper’s Ferry was packed with tourists and Harley motorcycles. The former pulp factory and the train tracks were cool though.

The Bavarian Inn, Shepardstown, WV

Lock 38 Mile 72.7 – some day we’ll bike past this again!

Antietam National Battlefield

The remains of the Shenandoah Pulp Factory, shut down in 1935, destroyed in a flood in 1936.

Harper’s Ferry

Although we didn’t bike at all on Sunday, and I didn’t bike to work on Monday, I did the last two days. I wore my bike skirt to work today and showed it off!

Climate Ride NYC to DC

The last bike thing I want to mention is the Climate Ride. A colleague of mine just finished the NYC to DC Ride, and a few of us went to meet her, and the other Climate Riders, in Georgetown, as all 180 cyclists collected to ride off to the Capitol. I had been interested in doing the five-day ride myself, but couldn’t, so maybe next year. Sounds like she had a great time! Listening to her experiences will only make me want to do it that much more. Congrats to all the Climate Riders, and thanks for making it a priority.

Heading off to the Capitol to call for better sustainability and a renewable energy future.


And then I rode home in the rain – my first thunder and lightening bike ride! Thanks to my obsession with emergency preparedness, I had a change of clothes, shoes, and raincoat, so although I was wet, my nice stuff didn’t get wet.


After the claustrophobic experience of Bike DC,  I was extremely relieved that the CASA River Ride was such a pleasurable experience. And now that I’ve completed my first half-century, I’m eyeing my first full century! I am super busy this summer so I don’t know that I”ll have enough time to properly train, but it isn’t until the fall, so I’ve got time to decide. But I really want to do it! How did I become so obsessed with biking? I have no idea! But it’s now a huge part of my life, and I love it.




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