Grown Up Sparkles

I have been avoiding writing a post about my bike skirt because I’ve been trying to get a nice evening shot to properly illustrate the cool reflective powers, but since that hasn’t happened, I’ll just do what I can. You’ll see it anyway.

So the final product looks like this:

And here’s the reflective version:

In order to coordinate the black grosgrain, I chose a black and white print along with black accents. The peacock feather print I purchased was not my first choice, but I think maybe it is more sophisticated than my original ideas.

I love the reflective trim – when it’s hanging in my bedroom, I get occasional flashes, depending on the light. I call it grown up sparkles.

Here is me modeling the skirt on Fauntleroy:

My Michelle Obama arms! (ha ha!)

It’s a full circle skirt, which I love, but after riding a few times, it’s probably too full. It’s hard to see my feet sometimes! But the reflective grosgrain trim is perfect because it is heavy enough to weigh down the hem, so no worries about it blowing up. (Not that it would matter, I always wear bloomers under my skirts. Always have, always will)

Now for the last point I wanted to make: the cost. This is why people shop at Target. I spent about $70 on the pattern, fabric, zipper, and thread, plus some stuff I didn’t use, like interfacing. Then I spent another $35 ordering enough reflective grosgrain trim to go around the hem, 4 yards each width. So that’s $105 in materials alone. It took me approximately 6 hours to cut out the pattern, then the fabric, then construct it. I estimate my hourly rate to be about $25, much less than what my union rate probably is now (it was about $28/hour when I left the wardrobe union). So that’s another $150. Added to the materials, this is a $255 skirt. Like I said – this is why I shop at Target.

That being said, I’m trying to decide what my next sewing project should be. A summer weight rain cape? Another skirt? A tailored jacket for fall? So many options….

Maybe I need to change this to “Tin Lizzie Originals”!





5 thoughts on “Grown Up Sparkles

  1. Do you know/remember which pattern this is from? I am delving back into sewing and this looks like something I could really use! Also, does it have pockets?

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