NYC Bike Observations

I’m in New York for a few days, staying in Brooklyn Heights with friends (and their adorable dog). I haven’t had the chance to do any biking, and frankly, I don’t know that I want to!

Yes, there are bike lanes. Yes, there are a ton of people biking. Yes, half the delivery bikes are e-bikes, which is really cool.

But there are also taxis and tourists and bikes in every lane, going every direction. There seems to be no attempt at all to cycle safe! Only half the people I see on bicycles are wearing helmets. Then there are the taxi drivers who pull out in front of and cut off anyone – pedestrians, trucks, buses, other taxis, and bicyclists. Yikes!

I know there are tons of people who happily bike around town, and maybe I would eventually be brave enough to do it. Until then, I think I’ll check out WABA’s Confident City Cycling class.


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