Decisions, Decisions

After all my agonizing over fabric choices, I ordered the first option, and it arrived yesterday. And while I love it, I don’t love it for my dress.

(Are you admiring my Target Liberty of London duvet cover too?)

So after some debating, and a chat with a fellow bike fashion buddy, I looked again at the JoAnn Fabrics website.

The fabric I’d loved from much earlier was on sale! I decided I should just go get it instead, so I met The Mechanic after work, and off we went to JoAnns.

However… once in the fabric store… I saw a million different prints I loved! Well, maybe not a million, but several. It’s all so pretty! And I ended up with something totally different.

It’s an Indonesian batik print, full of blues and some gray, and some olive-brown-bronze color that is really great. It just “speaks” to me as a fabric appropriate to this dress pattern. It is so much more interesting, yet muted, complex, and seems like it will be very versatile. I can wear either my grey Merrell Bicycling heels or my bronze heeled sandals! Love having options.

It’s being washed now so I can iron it and take it to work tomorrow, to take advantage of the lovely large cutting table, I mean, work room table. Since I won’t be watching Germany play Spain for Sunday’s Euro Cup 2012 finale (%$#@@$*), I will have time to get started on this dress.

PS – this did end up being a pricey design choice though. The fabric I’d seen on the website was on sale, but naturally the one I wanted was not, at $12.99 a yard. Four yards, plus lining, interfacing, thread, and a zipper, means that this dress so far costs me $72, plus the cost of the pattern. I won’t include the first fabric – hopefully I’ll find something to do with that next!


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