Bicycle Tourism

I’m in the far northeastern corner of Maine with my parents, brother and sister in law, and aunt and uncle, all for a family history tour (and some bird watching- my brother and sister in law are avid birders, and i’m an armchair enthusiast.) It’s gorgeous here, and mind-blowing to find evidence of ancestors in the area since the late 1600s. I feel like it explains a lot about my family- why we live the ocean and why we don’t get seasick. (really, we don’t. Four hours on a small boat on the open ocean staring at puffins without a hint of illness impressed our captain.)

But while I am away from my bicycles, I
am not away from cycling. I made my brother and sister in law stop in a great bicycle shop in Portland, right after we met up at the airport. Portland Velocipede is my kind of bike shop, full of Pashleys and bakfiets and accessories for the bicycle as transportation. If I didn’t have non-cyclists with me, I would have asked to test ride a Pashley. I was thrilled to find one of the Basil pannier bags, so naturally I bought it.

In the natural food co-op in small town Machias, ME, I found some wine with a bicycle on the label, and granola bars called “Handle Bars.” Naturally I has to get both. I’ll let you know about the wine…

I’ve seen several bicycle tourists, and have to admit that the idea sounds more and more appealing. A year ago, when I first started biking around, I still laughed at the thought, but now, with more experience and more miles under my padded shorts, it doesn’t seem so intimidating. I’ll have to discuss some short test routes with The Mechanic when I get home.

In the meantime, I have wine to drink and puffins to watch!



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