Reflective Yoga Mat Bag

I’ve started taking a yoga class at my gym, rather than my home DVDs, and although they gym offers mats for the class, I decided, after an unpleasant experience with a particularly fragrant mat, that I do need to drag one of my mats in with me. It’s sort of a drag, because the class is after work, so that means I will now have to bike to work on Mondays with my gym clothes in one pannier, my lunch and miscellaneous stuff in the other, and now a yoga mat.

But that’s when the idea struck – a yoga mat bag with reflective trim!

T-shirt by Eleanor Grosch (check out her Giro collection – want!)

The fabric I’ve had since I worked in Australia in 1997 – I’ve never known what to do with it. I love it, and love the way it works on this project.

Aboriginal print fabric from Australia

Because I just free-formed this pattern, I didn’t guess-timate my measurements perfectly, so the drawstring doesn’t quite close at the top. I need to make it a bit longer next time.

So close… but not quite…

Nevertheless, I’m pretty excited about it. It took me about an hour to make, which means others would be faster. I can already think of how fun this would be with different color combinations and prints and so on.

But next up are two more projects – one is altering a blazer I just bought, the other is making a skirt from a pattern. I’m not sure which to tackle first, but I can’t wait to get started!

Soon to be my Starry Starry Night skirt




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