Reflective Elbows – Not Your Grandfather’s Blazer

If the terms “elbow patches” make you immediately think pipe-scented tweed blazers worn by a musty old grandfather (not mine, however), well, think again! I’ve given the concept a cycle chic twist.

I took a plain olive blazer (Vivienne by Vivienne Tamfound at TJ Maxx) and used some of the gold reflective material I’d found in New York to add reflective details.

Olive Blazer Without Flash

Back of Olive Blazer Without Flash

With Flash

Back with Flash

I made covered buttons, and added them to the back and cuffs. The jacket originally only had one button in the front, which I replaced with a covered button as well. Then I added the elbow patches, and flaps on the front pockets, and covered the collar as well.

Blanket stitching on the elbow patches. (Premade elbow patches come with holes pre-punched. I had to make this up myself.)


Out on the Road

I haven’t gotten to wear this in the evening yet to test it out, but here’s it’s road test in the evening outside of my neighborhood.

It almost looks like I’m wearing melted gold! I wish there was more reflectivity on the actual back, but I’m not sure I’m going to go back and add anything. We’ll see.

The best part is, when the flash isn’t on, all these details look completely mundane and office-worthy. So I can’t wait to wear it to work this week! I’m not sure it will be appropriate for the telework seminar I’m going to tomorrow (I hate to overwhelm those poor IT people) but later this week I will definitely be sporting this!





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