Celebrity Status!

The trick with social media is that once you put yourself out there, you never know where you will turn up again.

A colleague said to me earlier in the week, “Did you know you are in Momentum Magazine?” Uh, no. So yesterday I ducked into a big newsstand in Crystal City, and lo and behold, it was actually there, so I bought it. And there is my name, on the social media section, commenting on a video they had posted. (In my opinion, if you are that paranoid about flashing someone whilst wearing a skirt on a bike either A) don’t wear a skirt or B) wear undergarments you aren’t afraid of being seen.)

I don’t know if you are familiar with Momentum Magazine or not, but I follow them on Twitter and Facebook, and love their stuff. But I’ve never flipped through the magazine before. And I LOVE it! I will be subscribing soon. I love all the ads for cool bikes and gear and the emphasis the magazine puts on biking as transportation.

Then this morning, The Mechanic informs me that I am on TheWashCycle! Well, indirectly. The latest ATP blog focused on staying visible on your commute as the season changes and it gets darker earlier. The blog uses some of my reflective projects for inspiration. And that blog was mentioned in the list of Friday items on TheWashCycle. I’m excited about this! And I feel pressured too – I need to get my current project finished! My fans will soon be clamoring for more!

And speaking of fans… last Saturday I participated in the Crystal City Diamond Derby. The Diamond Derby is an underground cyclocross of sorts – there were several races, all in an underground parking garage. Part of the fun was dressing up in costumes, so there was plenty of craziness going on. (See my friends from BikeArlington as Team Mario on this photostream) I also helped out with the fashion shows that were in between the races.

Model on bike at the Diamond Derby

And naturally I wore my own dress.

Test riding a bike from The Daily Rider, with a GiveLoveCycle on the back rack – it’s got reflective trim too!

My favorite part, other than test-riding a Bullitt cargo bike, was talking bike fashion shop with people there. Thanks to Jennie, who introduced herself after seeing my dress – she’d read about it here! A “fan”! I love it.

I can’t wait to visit The Daily Rider, in DC, now that I’ve seen some of the stuff they sell, and talking to co-owner Beth Rogers.

Maybe it’s easier to ride when the cargo is not a full sized adult?

So now that my name, or at least fashions, are being to circulate, I’d better get more stuff done – I can’t build much of a fan-based with only a few garments. Winter sewing might be a challenge, since winter biking basically means covered in layers, but I bet I can have some great stuff ready for next spring. Hm…

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