Autumn Weekend

This doesn’t really have anything to do with biking, or fashion, or health, but I am in love with all the fall colors, and want to share them. The weather has been perfect this weekend, and I wish I could make it last longer.

I went to a friend’s wedding north of Frederick, MD on Friday, and since The Mechanic couldn’t go, I took my best friend from high school – I’ll call her The Huntress. She has friends in the area so we ended up spending the night there, then drove back through Wine Country in Virginia. Yep, we did some wine tasting too! Having grown up frequently going to Napa Valley, I have an immediate weakness for vineyards. Hillsborough Vineyards, where we stopped, had grapes in thick juicy bunches on the vines. Gorgeous!

Musket Ridge

Musket Ridge Venue

Wedding Ceremony Decorations

Hillsborough Vineyard

Wine in the raw!

Pumpkins in front of Hunt Country Jewelers, Hillsboro, VA

The weather report is predicting temperatures in the low 80s for this coming week, so not very autumnal! I am not complaining though – when the temperature hovers around freezing and my fingers and nose are numb, I’ll wish for these days! In the meantime, I will be enjoying these vivid colors.










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