Our Multi-Modal, Multi-kulti Date

Yesterday was a very multi-kulti (a German term for multi-cutural) day in DC, all of which was accessed by a variety of transportation methods. Thank goodness for Capital Bikeshare, too, which provided the missing link on one of our journeys.

We headed out to the Metro on our bikes, leaving them safely locked up while we headed into DC. From Foggy Bottom we walked to the Swedish embassy, which as holding a Christmas Bazaar. A short wait in line got us into a mob of Swedish crafts, foods, and books. We sampled cookies and open-faced lox sandwiches before I bought a reflective snowflake. According to the Swedish School for Children, which was holding a Pedestrian Safety Drive, 90% of Swedish children wear reflectors, as well as 50% of their parents, and Sweden has only half the U.S. rate of nighttime accidents. Coincidence? I bet not.

That's a mighty reflective snowflake!

That’s a mighty reflective snowflake!

Trying to get from Georgetown to Adams Morgan, where we were meeting friends, is basically impossible on public transportation – at least, it’s not easy. So we grabbed a couple of Capital Bikeshare bikes from in front of the Swedish embassy and cruised on up. I had to stop and check the map at one point, and forgetting that I usually use my top tube to balance my bike when I make a quick stop, and forgetting that CaBi bikes don’t have top tubes… well, the bike pedal landed hard on the top of  my foot. The Mechanic gallantly threw down his bike to pick up mine as I blanked. Seriously, I have no idea why I couldn’t pick the bike up myself.

I was very excited to meet our friends at the new Doener Bistro in Adams Morgan. I loved Doener when I was in Germany, and having a German restuarnt with options other than schnitzel and sauerkraut makes me very happy. This was far tastier and less greasy than I remember, and hit the spot. I also loved that the place was playing German radio. I’m pretty rusty but I did recognize an Udo Lindenberg song! Doener bistroOur friends suggested we use Uber taxi service to head off to our next group destination, the Kennedy Center. I’ve heard raves about this service but hadn’t tried it yet, so I eagerly agreed. It was so impressive! The app requests a cab, texts which car and driver is coming, and how long it will take to arrive, then we could track the car itself on the app. A sleek Suburban pulled up a few minutes later and we had a luxurious ride to the Kennedy Center.

The NSO at the Kennedy Center

The NSO at the Kennedy Center

From Sweden and Germany, we continued our European tour with performances of Ravel’s “Ma Mere l’Oye” (which I love), Debussy’s “La Mer” (also love), Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 13 in C Major, K. 387b[415] featuring Jonathan Biss on piano, and Concert Overture in E major, Op. 12 by Polish composer Karol Maciej Szymanowski. I enjoyed all the pieces, as well as Slovakian conductor Juraj Valcuha. I don’t always love all the pieces in a concert eventing, but I did last night.

We ended our evening by walking to Circa, near the Foggy Bottom Metro station for delicious blackberry margaritas, then jumping on the Metro (ugh, a 20 minutes wait!), then retreived our trusty steads at the other end and biked home in the cold and fog. I was surprised so see so many rabbits, and a deer, out and about at almost 1am, but I guess we were still up as well.

It was nice having the opportunity to get around DC with so many different modes of transportation. It made it much easier, to know we could just grab CaBi bikes to get around – no buses, no Metro, quick and direct. Having that as an option is such a huge bonus, the missing link to public transportation. I look forward to a time when the stations are as wide-spread and as common as bus stops, and used almost as often. Think of the implications – everyone could use the bikes, getting exercise, thus getting healthier, with the hidden bonus of reducing traffic congestion. The system is really an all-around win-win scenario, and I can’t wait to see it expand.

(Photo courtesy of The Georgetowner)

(Photo courtesy of The Georgetowner)



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