My Starry Night Skirt A-Glow

At last, I managed to finish my Starry Starry Night skirt! I’m so excited by it!  I’m very, very happy with the way it turned out, which is not always the case.

Starry Night closeup

I’ve had this star-embroidered corduroy forever, but never quite knew what to do with it. Enter my new reflective-trimmed life and voila! A Starry Night is born.  A little reflective piping on the hems of the ruffles, and we are good to go. I like how flirty it is too. I assume/hope the “fluffiness” of the ruffles will relax a bit over time, but corduroy is pretty bulky to gather, so fluffy it is. I feel like a flamenco dancer, or Josephine Baker it this skirt! Dec 013

Yesterday was abnormally warm, so I wore it with a short-sleeved shirt, but this evening when I dragged The Mechanic out for a photo shoot, it had gotten quite chilly. So I used the opportunity to test out the reflectivity of my North Face jacket (I have the women’s version) and my new little Terry Bicycles reflective daisy cap (you can just barely see it under my helmet). It’s hard to see how I reflect when I’m wearing this stuff!

Starry Night Skirt 1

Aglow 1

I plan on taking this with me to Copenhagen – I hadn’t planned on taking a skirt at all, since it’s already hovering around the freezing mark. But, it’s so cute and well, we are going for a major  holiday and I will want something to dress up in, so it’s going.

I wonder how much reflective gear the Copenhageners wear – probably none at all. Like helmets, visibility for safety is probably not as big a deal for them as it is for us. But let’s be real here – I like the reflective projects because it makes me sparkle, first and foremost. It just so happens it makes me more visible and feel safer on my bike.

If you see me out and about in Arlington, glowing away, say hi!

6 thoughts on “My Starry Night Skirt A-Glow

    • Believe it or not, this reflective piping is plain old, find in a fabric store, Dritz notions. I order it in bulk here:

      It is sew-in kind. I’m trying to find a better source, and think I need to return to New York to cruise the fabric stores there. I’d love to find reflective cord – ie, cord that is entirely reflective, not just with reflective thread woven in.

      That said, my mom found some reflective thread she is knitting with. I’ll have to ask her again where she found it. Maybe I’ll post something with some options.

      Hope that helps!

  1. What a great idea! I have front and rear lights but almost got hit by right turning car earlier this week because I am not reflective enough from the side. Am going to think about some fab reflective clothing! Thanks so much.

    • Oh no! I’m glad you didn’t get hit. I’m often (but not always!) reflective enough that I hope cars can see me, but I’m never sure. In the winter I put a big ugly reflective safety vest over my coat, just for some added protection. If I was industrious enough, I’d come up with something cuter, and safer. Please be safe and find some fun reflective tape! Rivendell actually sells some great reflective tape – I put it on my panniers. Let me know if you find something cool!

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