Reflective Shoes!

Okay, this might venture into the “overdoing it” category, but how could I pass up these cool Cole Haan shoes?!

Skylar Oxford for Women

Skylar Oxford for Women

Especially when I saw that they do this:

Cole Haan shoes reflectedHow cool is that?!

Cole Haan made an entire line of reflective shoes and accessories, Shine On. Be sure to watch the video. I do actually want the pumps, but they are out of my price range and besides, I don’t really wear heels often enough to justify the cost. Everything in red in the Shine On collection seems to be on sale, so I was willing to bite. I think these will be cute in the spring and summer with navy and khaki cropped pants and skirts.

I tweeted to Cole Haan and was impressed that they not only replied, but said they were trying to create something fashionable and practical – imagine that! And since that is my goal for biking, it’s a perfect fit! (okay, bad pun…)

Thanks Cole Haan, you rock!

Thanks Cole Haan, you rock!

I can’t wait to take them home (had them delivered to my office) and wear them, but I’m moving in a week and I hate to have one more thing to pack up! So these will have to wait until The Mechanic and I have settled our apartment, and then they will get a test ride.

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