New Home, New Routes

The Mechanic and I moved this past weekend, our first place together! It’s very exciting, or at least will be once everything is unpacked and settled a bit more. I feel like I’ve moved up into Real Adult Apartment World, especially after years of living in a small apartment in Manhattan – this place is a 2-bedroom, has tons of kitchen counter space, grounded outlets everywhere in every room, and -blessings of blessings- a washer and dryer! I did two loads of laundry as we unpacked on Sunday, just because I could. No more piling it all into a granny cart to haul to a laundromat, or hoarding quarters, or running downstairs to the laundry room to find someone already using the machines, huzzah!

We now have five and a half bikes in the apartment. The half is a mountain bike the Mechanic will be rebuilding for me. I might even get to try it this weekend! Fingers crossed.

Our commuter bikes get the prominent position next to the front door. Eventually they won't be piled with junk!

Our commuter bikes get the prominent position next to the front door. Eventually they won’t be piled with junk!

The rest of the bikes - that one in the plastic bag is my mountain-bike-to-be.

The rest of the bikes in the office – that one in the plastic bag is my mountain-bike-to-be.

We each got a WMATA bike locker near the closest Metro station to store extra bikes. The Mechanic is anxiously awaiting his key, now lost in Mail Forwarding Land; I have mine. I haven’t even had the chance to walk past them to find the one that is mine and check it out, but I have a four day weekend coming up, and that’s on the list.

One of the other cool features about this apartment is that there is a Capital Bikeshare station on the property. Sunday we decided to leave our bikes upstairs, and grabbed CaBis (as we call them in the office) to bike to lunch. There is a station across the street from where we were headed, so it was amazingly convenient. I see us using these bikes often for quickie trips.CaBi Station

The biggest downside, to me, is that this apartment is now closer to my office. Yes, I said downside. I had been biking about 4.17 miles each way – short, easy, quite manageable. Now I’m barely 3 miles from my office, so I’m losing about 2.5 miles a day in exercise. This will never do! So I’m going to have to spend some time finding a route that isn’t painstakingly backtracking in order to stretch the ride. I will probably have to start using the Custis Trail, which I find boring and hillier than I prefer at 7am. And the roadies zipping past mumbling “left” just irritate me. Again, 7am before my chai tea. Hopefully I can find something else. I’ve got several routes planned out, so I’ll try them all until I find one that satisfies my criteria. Stay tuned!





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