Yoga, Lift, Breathe, Sew, Repeat

The Mechanic and I seem to be overwhelmingly busy these days, with no end in sight! I felt so overwhelmed last weekend that to feel better, I sat down and whipped out a sewing project:

Reflective Obi Sash

Reflective Obi Sash

This is a reversible obi sash made from the two reflective fabrics I bought in New York.

Reversible sash on Fauntleroy, my bike

Reversible sash on Fauntleroy, my bike

I originally intended to make the sash to wear with a dress I plan on making someday, down the road…

Vogue 8807 Dress

Vogue 8807 Dress

The shoulder piece matches the belt, but I’ve always wanted a wide obi sash, so I made it for this, and the shoulder piece will be reflective to match. (Since I don’t have long hair to cover up the shoulders, this should be great in the summer!)

I actually ended up wearing it today over one of my nice black coats. I didn’t want to throw an ugly fluorescent orange reflective vest over my nice coat, so I grabbed the sash instead. Alas, my photographer (The Mechanic) wasn’t available to take a decent picture, so you have to imagine with this stop light self-portrait.IMG_4330

I think this will be a great, easily reproducible product, however, but with a print reverse side. A nice floral, like any one of those Liberty of London prints, would be so lovely!

I’m looking forward to the weekend so I can start adjusting the pants pattern I have, so I can start that project. I’m really excited about it, but as I may have mentioned, I’m not very good at/experienced with making pants, so I am forcing myself to do a mock up first, then the real deal. So it will take a while, but hopefully will be worth it in the end.

And did I mention that the CASA River Century, the one we did last year (well, we did the half century, which we plan on repeating), is now less than two months away, and I haven’t been more than a mile on my road bike? And I am scared of my clipless pedals? Eek!!!

Yoga class, BodyPump class, more yoga, some sewing, repeat – this is how I am trying to stay sane right now. I hope it works.




2 thoughts on “Yoga, Lift, Breathe, Sew, Repeat

  1. You’re absolutely right. The Obi sash will look stunning with a Liberty print on the other side. This is why you need to sell the pink one… to me! Seriously though. Congrats on your creations. Add me to the list of people who think you should go into business. In the meantime, I am serious. I would love to purchase the Obi belt from you. Please contact me if you’re interested. Cheers and ride on!

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