Weekend Away

My parents are visiting from California, so I haven’t had as much time to blog (at least, that’s my excuse!). So here’s a quick recap of what we’ve done so far:

We started off in Georgetown, at Pie Sisters and Sprinkles, before we viewed Washington, DC from the Old Post Office Pavilion -you can see the bike lanes from there! Then we went to the Orchid Exhibit in the National History Museum and saw some fish in the National Aquarium. IMG_4374IMG_4376IMG_4378IMG_4506IMG_4508

Then we went to Colonial Beach and Fredericksburg VA for Easter Weekend. I’d never been in either location, so it was An Adventure. We had delicious crab cakes at Fat Freda’s before walking to the beach. Golf carts are the vehicle of choice there, and apparently also a tourist attraction. We didn’t see any decked out for the holidays, but bought some ridiculously cheap tasty baked goods to support the town volunteer emergency services.


Colonial Beach was pretty quiet, but I think it will be worth a return trip in the summer.

We also ran through George Washington’s Birthplace, 40 minutes before the park service locked the parking lock gates. We were all amazed at the number of ospreys in the trees along the river (and the number of ospreys in Colonial Beach). And at the sheep wandering the property…IMG_4465IMG_4461IMG_4458

We went to Fredericksburg for dinner, so we wandered around the historic center a bit first. Naturally, we saw the bike shop, and some different styled bike racks. Most of the shops seemed to be antique stores, however. IMG_4449IMG_4455IMG_4448

For Easter brunch, we went to Foode, a slow food movement place I found online. They don’t take reservations (I’d emailed to ask), so we had a bit of a wait, it being a holiday and all, but really enjoyed our food. I wasn’t planning on getting a mimosa until I saw that they came with Peeps. How could I pass that up?! So fun! The biscuits were dee-vine, as was the pecan brown sugar butter. All our food was delicious, and I’d love to go back there too.IMG_4446IMG_4445IMG_4442IMG_4443

Despite the near-perfect weather on Saturday, Easter Sunday was drizzly and cold. So our tour of the Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park was mostly a driving tour of the four different Civil War battlefield locations. The Chancellorsville Visitor Center had a photo exhibit of people in the war, mostly men, some women, about half of whom survived the war. It was pretty amazing to read the stories of each person and their personal experiences. Wars are never taught as being about individuals, but it’s millions of individuals who make up millions of stories that help us connect to the past. I always try to imagine what I might have done or how I would have reacted during times like that. I hope I would have made decisions I could be proud of later, but it’s so hard to know. IMG_4435IMG_4440


Currently my parents are visiting Floyd, VA, home of the Floyd Country Store in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Although I doubt that’s where our Floyd name came from, it’s still fun to think of being named after a town. I can’t wait to hear about their trip. Not sure what else we’ll do before they leave, considering they’ve been to DC many times before, but I’m sure we’ll come up with something!

In closing, I shall leave you with this alternative transportation thought from Colonial Beach:IMG_4472


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