May, the Momentous Month

It’s May, a month full of lovely things!

It starts off right away with my birthday. Last year was the big 4-0, and I decided that from now on, I shall only turn 35. So this week is my 35th birthday! hahaha… They say you are only the age you feel, right?

How you doin'?

How you doin’?

May is also Bike Month! League bikemonth_bike

As you may guess, I will be working on Bike to Work Day in Arlington on May 17. I’m already looking forward to it. It’s a shame I have to wear work-branded stuff, because I’d wear some of my reflective fashions. Unless I make something between now and then. Hm…

Here Bike to Work Day is promoted by Commuter Connections and the Washington Area Bicyclist Association, and BikeArlington is one of the sponsors. We at Arlington Transportation Partners work the event and try to encourage regular bike commuting by hoping that individual cyclists will talk to their HR reps about providing bike benefits, covered secured bike parking, showers, and more.

Last year's Bike to Work Day, in non-fashionable reflective gear

Last year’s Bike to Work Day, in non-fashionable reflective gear

May is also the kick off for the National Bike Challenge, and this year, we have a much improved bike team! There are three more regular bike commuters in my office, so we should have a pretty strong team. Add in a few coworkers who will ride occasionally to work, but mostly on the weekends, and we could actually challenge the Bike Arlington Team! My team is currently in third place, unbelievably, but it’s only been practice miles. The serious stuff begins now!

The other thing I’m kicking off this month is a really crazy idea – I registered to ride the Sea Gull Century through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training program. I wanted to ride the Sea Gull Century last year, but ran out of time to properly train. I’m hoping that by doing this, it will force me to train all summer. I was told that they have trainers and nutritionists and so on to help, and that’s what I really need/want.

Sea Gull Century Logo

Sea Gull Century Logo

The part I’m actually the most nervous about is the fund raising. I have to raise $1900 by the middle of September, eek! I’m considering donating reflective sashes to people who donate certain amounts, but I don’t have enough reflective fabric! Apparently there is a point in July at which I can decide if I want to continue, so I hope I can raise at least half the amount before then. I’ve never done any kind of fund raising before, so I guess we’ll see how this goes!  (Here’s my donation page, should the spirit move you:

All this talk of training reminds me that the CASA River Ride is also this month – May 18, so just about two weeks away. I did it last year (albeit with more training), so I’m sure I can do it again, but it might not be pretty. Well, the ride is, which is why we want to go back.

Somewhere in WV during last year's CASA River Ride

Somewhere in WV during last year’s CASA River Ride

We end Bike Month with something very non-bikey. We are going to see “Wallenstein,” a play by Friedrich Schiller, at the Shakespeare Theatre Company.  I am excited to see a play, at STC, and a play I know nothing about. I know a bit about the main character, Albrecht von Wallenstein, a highly motivated and skilled military leader in Bohemia during the Thirty Years’ War.* This war was one of many I studied in grad school, since Early Modern European History was my first focus (the degree is actually in Modern European History, with a focus on 19th century Germany). A German historical figure? Count me in! A love earlier than the love of biking, believe it or not.

Most of my Master's Thesis books, German history and language

Most of my Master’s Thesis books, German history and language

Add to these events friends visiting from out of town, horseback riding, Amtrak Train Day, and the EU Embassies’ Open Door Day, and it’s quite the month! I will need Memorial Day weekend to recover!

In the Danish Embassy last year

In the Danish Embassy last year

*It’s very improper historian to use Wikipedia as a source, but it’s harder to offer you my text books for further research.


3 thoughts on “May, the Momentous Month

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  2. It’s just a navy blue polo shirt, and I normally just wear chinos with it. We were handing out the reflective vests, so to stop questions, I put one on to model. (“what is this?” “A reflective vest. See, I’m wearing one. Yes it’s huge – you can put it on over your backpack”). Maybe my new pants will work with the polo.

  3. What does your work-branded stuff you have to wear look like? Hopefully better than the reflective vest. Was your department handing those out for bike use last year?

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