Fancy Feet!

After much agonizing, I ended up with a second pair of reflective Cole Haan shoes. IMG_5201

I had twice opted against getting them when they were on sale, in a deluded attempt to be fiscally responsible. And then – they were sold out everywhere! I bought the last pair in my size from Amazon.

Now that's some flash!

Now that’s some flash!

I’ve always hated loafers – I’ve never owned a pair and always turned my nose up at them. But I’d become obsessed with these, especially since I couldn’t find them anywhere. And then Iva Jean blogged about them and it just made me want them even more! Mostly because I can’t afford her fabulous pencil skirt, so if I can at least have the same shoes… It’s warped but there it is.

Anyway, I can’t wait to wear them to work tomorrow! I’m actually hoping that it will be dark enough when I get out of my yoga class tomorrow evening for them to flash all the cars I’ll cruise past. Yay for my fancy feet!

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