Donate, Then Be Reflective Cycle Chic!

In the course of my Team in Training fundraising, I discovered that a friend’s family member has been fighting leukemia and lymphoma for the last 7 years, not to mention a recent breast cancer diagnosis. Seven years! My friend said she will do whatever she can do to help others from going through what her aunt is going through. So I know that I will be thinking of both my friend and her aunt while I’m training, especially as the rides get longer and longer. Struggling through 100 miles on a bike is nothing compared to seven years battling blood cancers. So that gives me added incentive to raise more money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

So, as threatened promised, I made some reflective sashes that I will raffle off to the two lucky and supportive people who donate to my Team in Training efforts! IMG_5247

These two sashes are made with the reflective material I’ve bought in New York City, then each is lined with a different cotton print. The long ties are fully reflective, and very long. Long enough that you could wrap them around your waist another time, if you wanted! In fact, you could wear the sash with the print side out, wider part in the front, then wrap the reflective ties around the back and tie in the front over the print – then you could show off the lining while still offering an encircling flash of reflectivity. So many options! The top one is a super pale pink, and the bottom one is a plummy color. And yes, they reflect very well. IMG_5246

They actually turned out really cute, and I will probably have to make myself one, too. I did make a third, and it will soon be on it’s way to its lucky and generous sponsor.  Reflective Sash TNT Fundraising

So how do you get one of these stylish yet safety-conscious waist adornments?

Be the first to tell me which one you want and where to ship it, then donate at least $50 to my Team in Training fundraising efforts ( ). Then just wait for it to arrive in the mail, and be one of a very few people on the planet to have a Tin Lizzie reflective sash!

I thank you for your help, and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society thanks you.


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