Another Weekend of Biking and Sewing

Yes, it’s been another busy weekend of biking and sewing.

Saturday started very very early, when The Mechanic gallantly drove my road bike and me up to Poolesville, MD, where the Team in Training cycling team tackled the first road ride of the summer. Poolesville was an hour away, and someplace neither of us have had reason to venture to yet, and I’m sorry I didn’t get any pictures along the ride. It was a mix of subdivisions with large expensive-looking homes, and farms with fields of corn and wheat. TNT Poolesville MD Endomondo

We did 34 miles in several big loops. I am disappointed that my average speed was so slow, but on the other hand, I spent most of the ride trying to figure out all my gears. I’ve had problems with this, which mostly comes from not riding as often as I should.

I always like to check out the altitude when I'm done with a ride.

I always like to check out the altitude when I’m done with a ride.

The weather was perfect, the blue sky full of puffy white clouds, and there were scenic vistas all along the way. I love how fast the miles go when you have no idea where you are!

TNT Poolesville MD cropped

Then we rushed back to eat and shower (well, I needed to shower) before we headed out to meet friends in Rosslyn. A group of us from our office National Bike Challenge team rode down to Alexandria to check out The Dairy Godmother. What better destination than frozen custard?! I’d never been there before, although a friend has raved about it for years. It is located in the Del Ray neighborhood, a cute area that feels like a small vacation town, with lots of small fun restaurants, local boutiques, and even a music festival that day. My lime mint sorbet-ginger ale float was innovative, tasty, and refreshing, the perfect thing on a hot afternoon. I will have to go back and try the other offerings, however. I had no idea it would have such a large menu! The miles back and forth to Alexandria gave me almost 50 miles on Saturday!

Sunday, however, has seen me camped out at the sewing machine, tired legs working that pedal, rather than a bike pedal. The Mechanic and I had intended to make it to Revolution Cycles (Clarendon location is my favorite local bike shop!) this afternoon but it never quite happened…  But I finished my latest sewing project! Sash Dress Front

Sash Dress Back

I’m excited because I’ve wanted to make this for so long now! And here it is. Of course, I’m once again not 100% happy with it – is this a problem that will haunt me on every sewing project?!?!? Argh! How do people do it?! But it’s cute, summery, and that obi sash makes my waist look tiny, so of course that makes me happy! I can’t wait to wear it to work.

I can’t wait to start on the next project, but I feel like I should wait a week or so before starting something else. I might need to focus on other things once in a while…




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