That’s a Bike Rack?!

The Mechanic and I had a fun morning at a horse show somewhere in the wilds of Maryland. The horse show world is a very different world than cycling, even though both involve saddles and riding. It’s very concerned about posture and position and show. Thank goodness cycling is not like that! At least, not in my world – maybe the pro world?




Afterwards we went to Tyson’s Corner for some errands at the mall. We were surprised to see fun bike racks in front of L.L. Bean! I was irritated that after we’d parked the Big Green Van, some car had parked next to the bike racks to load up something big from L. L. Bean, ruining the good shots of two of the four racks. IMG_5521




We couldn’t quite decide if the Cannondale was a prop from the store or not. I am pretty sure L. L. Bean doesn’t sell that line, which would make me think shopper or employee, but the tires looked brand new. Despite the fact that they weren’t really being used, and that I don’t think Tyson’s is very bikeable at all, I was pretty pleased to see them, and know that if I biked out there, I’d have a hard time choosing which “shopper” rack I would chose.

Then we headed out to Bailey’s Crossroads, where I was shocked to see cool bike racks at the PNC Bank. IMG_5516

PNC bike racks cropped

They are the PNC logo! How cool is that?! And the logo actually makes a really great design. I could see that as a pendant on a chain or something. I love that PNC actually had the wisdom to install creative racks that match their brand! I wish more companies would get on this bandwagon. I’d love to see big red bullseye bike racks in front of every Target. What other companies have logos that would be perfect for bike racks? Or what other company logo or theme bike racks have you seen? I know there are some in DC and NYC, I’ve seen them, but there must be some in other cities. Anyone wanna share?





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