B-Cycling Around San Anonio

I’ve been in San Antonio, TX, for four days now, for the Association for Commuter Transportation International Conference (it’s a work thing), with five more days to go. I feel anxious about missing so much time off my bikes and out of my gym, plus eating conference food, eating out, etc., right as my Team in Training rides are getting longer and harder.

However, I’ve been taking advantage of San Antonio’s bikeshare system, B-Cycle, which differs from Capitol Bikeshare; b-Cycle’s bikes are Trek bicycles. I have to confess, I like them
better! They seem more stable to me, and this is my test: I feel much more comfortable cruising around one handed, whilst clutching my map in the other. Seriously, street closures on my route the first morning got me all turned around, and I spent several blocks consulting my map. Yep, that’s my entire reason. And I like the front baskets better. They are bigger.

There are B-Cycle stations all over, it seems, and the way faring signs in the downtown area have station indicators as well, which I think is brilliant. I’ve seen many people on bikes, but predominantly men on beater bikes not wearing helmets. I did bike past some bike event, where I saw roadies in kits and helmets, and I’ve seen a few small groups that could be tourists.

No matter, it’s been great fun exiting the city outside of the tourist area. iPod forward to adventures later this week! Thanks B-Cycle!




2 thoughts on “B-Cycling Around San Anonio

  1. I tried to get my sedentary daughter to use B-Cycle when we were in San Antonio this spring but she prefered to walk. If you like Tex Mex, take that B-Cycle to Rosario’s about a mile south of downtown. The food is simply awesome.

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