Okay, kind of excited! Not only did my two new patterns arrive in the mail today (yippee, new toys!), but I stumbled upon a European clothing line I love but haven’t thought about in ages, despite still owning one “vintage” piece.

Can't wait to start the colorblock sweatshirt!

Can’t wait to start the colorblock sweatshirt!

But the exciting news (well, other exciting news)! Background – The Mechanic and I are going to Montreal soon for a long weekend. No particular reason to go there other than we wanted to go somewhere that required a passport but not a full day of travel. A long time ago, I was in Montreal in the winter for work, so I don’t really remember it, and that was almost 20 years ago…

Anyway, I finally started doing some research on the city, and found a boutique that looks interesting enough to try to locate. It’s called L’appartement boutique and the homepage says “Unique – Recycle – Ecologique – Local – Importation.” I haven’t touched French since my senior year in high school, but I’m pretty confident in figuring out what all this means, and I’m pretty sure it’s all stuff I like. Unique, recycled, ecological, local, imported – perfect! Plus (and most importantly) there is a girl on a bike graphic on one of the other pages!

Love the girl in a skirt on the bike!

Love the girl in a skirt on the bike!

Montreal, after all, is home to BIXI Bikeshare, which we have every intention of using while we are there.

Further cruising around their website made me gasp! There, listed in the “Importations” section was the name of a label hanging in my closet! Skunkfunk was a label I had discovered on a long-ago trip to Berlin, and I’d made a point to return to the boutique when I returned in 2006. I LOVE their clothing! I still have the first blouse I bought there in whatever year that was I first found them (2003?).

My old Berlin-purchased Skunkfunk blouse.

My old Berlin-purchased Skunkfunk blouse.

I’ve been going through their lookbooks and I am already making a list! Skinufunk 3

Skunkfunk 1Skunkfunk 4

Their website says that it is a Spanish company, and although they don’t have many stores, there is apparently one in New York as well. Can’t believe I missed that! And they have an online store – Pinterest will be busy tonight!

The poor Mechanic – I’m sure he won’t be as interested in their menswear as I will be in everything else…

So much to do in Montreal, and what am I excited about? Yep, clothes shopping….  Skunkfunk 2

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