Completely Unexpected in Montreal

The Mechanic and I took a short trip up to Montreal to celebrate his birthday, and enjoy a long weekend, and I cannot wait to share our experiences! It is an amazing city, and we so so many wonderful things – not just cycle tracks and all kinds of people on all kinds of bikes, but some breath-taking art, and the Botanical Garden was stunningly gorgeous.

I want to fly Porter Airlines again just because I adore the raccoon mascot!

I want to fly Porter Airlines again just because I adore the raccoon mascot!

But first, I need to get this off my chest – we got engaged there as well!

The Mechanic completely surprised me by proposing at dinner Saturday night with this adorable vintage engagement-ring-in-a-box charm! (The charm is perfect, because I collect a charm for every trip and life event; I have six charm bracelets dating back to 1996. He’s very clever, that man, and knows me sooo well!)


As a matter of fact, I think my response was, “Are you serious?!” Really, I had NO idea he was planning this.

Because we were in Canada, without international calling plans, we emailed family, but waited to get back to share the news more widely. So in the whirlwind of the last few days, I haven’t even had a chance to review any of my pictures! And I have tons to share.

Soon, I promise! With so much beauty in that city, I can’t not share some of it!

And no, the wedding will not be bicycle-themed! While it might seem like a logical thing to do, we aren’t the kind of bike people to decorate with bicycle-print everything, so it doesn’t make sense to us to do a bicycle-themed wedding.

GiveLoveCycle on a Bixi bike!

GiveLoveCycle on a Bixi bike!

It will be travel-themed – much more fun! But maybe I’ll sew some reflective trim on my dress, just because!

3 thoughts on “Completely Unexpected in Montreal

  1. Congrats, TinLizzie! I am so unbelievably happy for both of you! I love the idea of a travel-themed wedding!! Somehow I immediately imagined you in a Dirndl and The Mechanic in Lederhosen, ha! Again, congrats, and looking forward to hearing more about your adventures – on and off the bike.

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