Too Many Ideas!

Do you ever find yourself so full of ideas that you don’t know which one to put to paper (well, screen) first? I’m sort of at that spot these days.

Last Friday I ran errands by bike and had some of those euphoric rides that make you just L-O-V-E riding a bike. I felt powerful, free, in tune with nature (okay, maybe that’s a bit too poetic)… I wanted to write a blog post entitled “Bicycle Cowgirl” because that’s how I felt. But I never got around to it.

Beautiful fall day to be running errands by bicycle!

Beautiful fall day to be running errands by bicycle!

I have also been mulling over thoughts of a fellow bicycle blogger in her last two posts – “Can You See Me Now?“, which then sadly resulted in “Unwelcome Answer to My Question.”  In the former post, Gina of Car(e) Free Family wrote about the use of front and rear lights on bicycles, and the tendency of some to have overly bright lights on their bikes, which pose a safety issue to other cyclists and pedestrians on shared use trails. I definitely sympathized, as I came back from one errand on the Custis Trail in the dark, and had to put a hand up to shield my eyes from the lights on other bicycles. It got me thinking about bike lights and safety in general. Do bright strobe or blinking lights provide better “safety” and visibility than just a solid light? Car lights don’t strobe or blink. Are we, on bicycles with blinky rear lights, more noticeably because of said light, or would we be just as safe with a solid red (or white) light? Unfortunately, Gina’s next post recounts how she was doing all the right things one recent morning, and still got hit by a car. The driver admitted to not looking for bicycles – and even with her reflective gear, lights, and green light, Gina still ended up in the hospital. (I probably would be pissed, after the initial shock of being hit by a car wore off). Thankfully she is not badly injured. But I’ve been eyeing drivers even closer since reading her last post. And although I still don’t know the answer to my question, I’m afraid to do any empirical research on my own.

My Shepherdstown flowers *still* look good!

My Shepherdstown flowers *still* look good!

Then, because I have sat through two days of strategic planning, my head is full of mission statements, and goals and objectives, and “where do we see ourselves in five years” questions. It makes me want to craft my own personal strategic plan. I like planning – it’s the follow through that is tough. Maybe I just need to develop my personal vision more fully, and post it somewhere where I can see it every day. Does anyone else have a personal vision and mission?

And I still want to get some sewing done. I feel as if I am missing something fundamental – I haven’t been creative at all lately! I did some purging of the closet Sunday, which felt good. I always like fine-tuning my wardrobe. Reflective fashion aside, I wish I had the ability to completely refresh my business wardrobe, from the ground up. You know that feeling when you have a closet full of stuff but nothing goes together the right way? So annoying. All I can think about when I look at the price of some of the wedding dresses out there is how lovely my closet would be if I could put $2000 into it, instead of a dress I’d wear on only one day. (Much dress budget is much, much, much smaller, in case you really want to know)

Ugh, I hate it all!

Ugh, I hate it all! I want to replace almost everything!

I think I’m just being too conceptual/right brain/creative/ADD right now to come up with anything more than that. I’ll feel differently after the Fairfax Bike Summit this weekend, I’m sure. Until then, ride safely!




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