My, How They’ve Grown

It’s been a weekend full of birthdays – while The Mechanic and I celebrated birthdays of some of his family members, I celebrated the 2-year birthdays of both my bikes. February 28 was the 2nd birthday of Little Lord Fauntleroy, my commuter bike, and March 3 will be the 2nd birthday of Donnerwetter, my road bike. Almost twins!

It’s funny to look back at pictures of them when I first got them, especially Fauntleroy. He’s changed A LOT! First he went from his sparse frame, built by The Mechanic, to fully loaded with the lacy plastic rear basket, and has settled into his current design, with fenders, rear rack, Copenhagen front basket, and his new leather Velo Orange handlebar grips. I think he’s extremely stylish, and wouldn’t change a thing.

Donner, on the other hand, has changed little in appearance, but gained much in experience. Although he hasn’t been out all winter, I know he’s had enough adventures in the last year to keep him dreaming happily for the first time out this spring (assuming we ever get spring…).

We’ve learned a lot together, Fauntleroy and Donner and me. We’ve mostly learned that we prefer long rides (but not that long!) in unfamiliar territory, on either bike, and that riding gives us strength and confidence. Our adventures in the next year are as of yet unknown, and sadly, the greatest adventure will be on a strange bike in Europe. But I’m sure there will be a fun half-century in the fall for Donner and me, and what will Fauntleroy and I get ourselves up to this year? Who knows – maybe it will be transporting pieces of furniture! Or maybe he will find himself bedecked in more European accessories after the honeymoon. Either way, Happy Birthday Fauntleroy and Donner!

Our full house!

Our full house!


4 thoughts on “My, How They’ve Grown

  1. Hi, I do not know if you will see this. I live in Cleve Ohio and Clearwater Fla. I met your mother about a month ago on a hard of hearing blog. We have been emailing and she mentioned her daughter lived in Alexandria, Va. Small world my daughter also lives in Alex. by the Courthouse area. We visit often. She is an avid biker too, I wonder if you two have ever crossed paths????????

    • Hi! My mom mentioned you and your daughter, nice to meet you virtually! I bike through Courthouse every day on my way to work, so we have probably passed at some point. Share my blog with her and see if she recognizes my bikes! : )

  2. I honestly had NO idea your bikes were so new to you! Did you have a different bike before or has this biking thing truly been a new found love for you?

    • I had another bike before Fauntleroy, Lacey, which I rode for maybe a year or so. I didn’t get a bike until I moved into Arlington. No place to keep one before that! When I lived in NYC, I really wanted one, but again, no space, and didn’t feel comfortable riding one in Manhattan anyway. (NYC has changed alot since I left in 2009). So biking as an adult is really a fairly new thing. : )

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