A Bicyclist Goes for a Walk….

Sounds like a joke, doesn’t it?

Sometimes I prefer walking over biking. But the reason why The Mechanic and I went for a walk this morning, instead of a bike ride, was that we realized we aren’t in walking shape for our upcoming trip! Last weekend we walked around our neighborhood for almost 2 hours, and were exhausted afterwards! 18 miles in one day? No problem! Walk for a few hours? Oh dear.

I ended up biking 18 miles last Wednesday, without planning on it.

I ended up biking 18 miles last Wednesday, without planning on it.

So we went for a walk. It’s absolutely beautiful today! We walked through Lubber Run Park, near-ish to our place. It’s a lovely little valley full of trees, with a small stream running through it. I find it very peaceful. It’s almost ever full of people, although today a large family gathering had taken over a few of the picnic tables and grills, with several little kids playing in the water. That’s a better way to spend Memorial Day weekend, rather than tying up wedding to-dos, and frantically trying to cross things off a very long list.

I always enjoy walking because I get to stop and study things I normally whiz past on my bike. We watched some grackles kicking up the leaves, and saw a blue jay nestled on the ground with it’s wing stretched out oddly. We were concerned it was injured, and watched it for a while, until it suddenly sprang to life and flew off into the trees. We examined places on tree trunks that might be where deer scratched at the bark, or maybe not, and studied the oak leaves growing off a downed tree. These sorts of things are harder to do by bike. I’d have to stop every few feet to do so!

Now I’m back to frantically going over the list of wedding tasks still required. Not much, mind you, but we are 20 days away, and I don’t want to scramble (too much) at the last minute to get things organized and communicated. I prefer to be as prepared as possible….

So a walk through the woods is a welcome respite for this cyclist!

2 thoughts on “A Bicyclist Goes for a Walk….

  1. Admittedly I get impatient if it’s not raining and I’m walking in the summer, spring or fall. I will even bike 3 blocks to a store. That’s how addicted my body is to cycling. But winter is a bit different –I take a break if it’s way too cold/icy/snowy.

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