Teal, then Shades of Gray

I’ve always switched up my color palettes with the seasons, not necessarily intentionally, or based on what the “in” seasonal color might be (I hear it’s burgundy/oxblood for this fall), but whatever strikes my fancy. It is sometimes guided by what is in the stores, so last fall when everything was teal, I happily embraced it, since it’s one of my favorite colors. It is also more or less my “Dramatic” color, according to my wrist and my friend David Zyla’s book, The Color of Style. But I hadn’t realized quite how much I’d embraced it until my latest sewing project.

Because sewing for me is not relaxing to me, more like an itch I need to scratch (Must. Design. Must. Create.), I like projects that I don’t need to linger over. The blouse I started last week ended up not being such a project, so I was pretty happy to crank out a pair of easy drawstring pants this week. Inspired by the drapey pants that are so in fashion at the moment, I picked a bright color peachskin and naturally threw some reflective trim in the seams. They are not 100% perfect; a better seamstress could have made them look smashing, but I really love them and can’t wait to wear them next week.

Not the most flattering photo, but I still love the pants!

Not the most flattering photo, but I still love the pants!

Hanging them in my closet made me realize how much of this color combination I have!

Spot a theme?

Spot a theme?

I’m not sure I’m brave enough to wear any one of these tops with the pants, well, maybe the denim shirt. It would be fun to wear the pants I made with the colorblocked top I made, though. But we’ll have to see. (I even have blue and gray heels!)

But my blouse and the two projects lined up after this are all shades of gray. Did the title make you look?! Ha ha – no, this is not about S&M sewing, although sometimes it does seem a bit sadistic. This blouse is a bit of torture to me at the moment, frankly. But it was given to me, and I really really love the print. However, my machine does not like to sew the silky stuff, and I can’t get the tension set correctly! I can’t find my guide book, either. The sleeves didn’t hem the way the pattern said it should, I hated the yoke neckline the pattern called for so I took it out, and if I actually hem the bottom, it becomes shorter than I’d prefer.

I’m going to attempt circular bias out of the silver reflective fabric I bought at Britex, and fold it over the sleeve edges. I think I’ll just do a reflective band on the waist so I don’t lose the length. I’m just not sure about the neck. I don’t want to make self bias because of how much I dislike working with this silky stuff, but that might be best. I don’t think it will need more reflective trim is the waist and sleeves already are. So I will need to sit on this one for a while. Slow wins the race, I’m told.

Then next two projects are also gray! Grays

I want to try complicated pants again. I don’t know why I have to like all the hard patterns! But look at how cool this pattern actually is, and how is just screams for reflective trim!

Butterick 6028 Pants

Butterick 6028 Pants

I picked a cool snakeskin print lightweight corduroy for these pants, and I think hope they will turn out really fun. I promised myself that I would take time with these, and not crank them out. I’d really like something to turn out nice, and not look “homemade” but I need to work harder at my technique to get that to happen.  And try to match the print, which I didn’t even try to do on the teal print pants and I really should have, oops. Beginner. snakeskin corduroy

By the time the blouse and pants are done (wonder if I can pull off wearing them together?), it should be cool enough for the next project, my silver sweatshirt. Silver Velour

I waltzed into Britex planning on buying a print and a solid, like the pattern sketch, but ended up with this soft silvery fabric that I really hope doesn’t make me look like I’m wearing a Florida retiree velour jogging suit. I hope that with the reflective trim it will look sorta… futuristic?

McCalls 9026

McCalls 9026

I think I should be able to wear this sweatshirt with both the snakeskin print pants and the teal print pants. I have two gray blazers that should work with either pair of pants, too, both of which I’ve been wearing a lot lately. One is gray velvet, so a dressier version of the sweatshirt I’m going to make. But it doesn’t have any reflective trim! So I guess I’ll be wearing a lot of gray this fall. That’s okay, since it’s also a David Zyla color for me, at least, the way I’m choosing to interpret my eye color.

And if I end up getting the gray booties I’m lusting after at the moment, I will complete my Shades of Gray looks for fall!

Crown Vintage Tabitha bootie on DSW - Love this gray!

Crown Vintage Tabitha bootie on DSW – Love this gray!

And for the record, no, I haven’t read the book.

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