Reflective Wear-to-Work Challenge, in Review

I did it! I wore something I have made to work for thirteen days in a row! I’m pretty impressed – even I didn’t realize I’d made so much reflective bike fashion!

Week 2

Week One Collage

Week Three

One of the days was sort of a bonus day, since I only made the reflective sash I tied on over my dress and cardigan, so it was more like 12 +1 days.

Seeing everything like this makes me wonder if I need to be more strategic about my projects. Should I try to design mini “collections” each season, that all work together? Or should I just do whatever catches my fancy, as I have been doing? The two projects I’m working on right now, pants and a fancy sweatshirt, are designed to coordinate, although I’m not sure they will once both are done! We’ll see.

But the point of this whole initial idea was to make things I could wear at the office, as well as just around town. Part of me feels like I need to be therefore more strategic, and consider my work shoes and blazers and so on, to make sure everything works together a bit more. Not that any of this is inappropriate, but I could probably step it up a bit.

I also posted each outfit every morning on Instagram (I’m disguised as @earlettef), and on one of the days, I decided to tag the McCalls Pattern Company. They were interested enough that they asked if they could post the top, McCalls 6792, on their Facebook page. Well of course! It got at least 100 “Likes,” 12 Shares, and several comments. I was pretty pleased by that!

McCalls Facebook Love

McCalls Facebook Love

I think it also shows that there could be a market for nice clothing that as reflectivity sewn into it, clothing that does even whisper “tech,” that is just fashionable yet functional. But how best to focus that? I’m still deciding.

It’s been fun wearing my own designs, but the rest of my closet missed me, so for a while, I’ll sort through what is left. Now that the weather has cooled off a bit, it means it could be time to dust off the tweed! Yay!

I need to redesign my sewing space and desk, too...

I need to redesign my sewing space and desk, too…


7 thoughts on “Reflective Wear-to-Work Challenge, in Review

  1. Most certainly there’s a market for fashionable, functional, and comfortable women’s bike clothing. It might be challenging tapping into it just because it’s at present a smaller market than that of male cyclists, but it’s there. I find myself challenged by the fact that I wear petite sizes as well as by the general lack of bike commuting clothing options for women. I don’t sew, so for around town have figured out options involving clothing that has some give and add a reflective vest or belt as needed. If I could find cute clothes with reflective material included that fit or could be altered I’d be all over them!

    • I’ve found several different companies that make reflective clothing but none of it is cheap,nor exactly stuff I’d wear. So I just make my own. But I agree, there’s a market out there. Just need the right company to figure out how best to tackle it!

  2. Your a very crafty person! I like the outfits you managed to create. I have to admit I’m a bit envious! I can’t sew to save my life. Also, to echo what the person said… Congrats on getting the attention of McCalls! That’s big 😉

    • Thanks! I’ve been sewing my whole life – my mom taught me, then I got a sewing badge while in Girl Scouts, classes in college, then I worked in a costume shop and for theater for a long time. So it’s been a hobby and a career. Now it’s just back to a hobby. I have to figure out how to *keep* the attention of McCalls now! ; )

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