The Mechanic and I recently bought a new couch, just in time to decorate for the holidays, so between the two we have been moving a lot of furniture and stuff around. In the process, I have unearthed some of my fashion history. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I’ve always been obsessed with fashion!

Starting around 1984, I cut out images from my favorite fashion magazines and newspapers, and collected them in photo albums. I’d very carefully label each page – year, album number, page number – so that if for some reason I needed to remove a page, I knew where to replace it. (yep, a bit OCD even then!)

Thirty years of fashion history, right in my own apartment! I am still doing it to this day, although I’ve graduated to sketch books and glue sticks. I’m not sure where my 1984 albums are, but I did flip through the 1990 and beyond albums. It’s funny to look back at it all, but I have to say, my taste has not changed much! There is some fun fashion history to find – a clipping from 1993 about pants suits being acceptable; J. Peterman sketches; Tweeds catalog images; supermodels when they were just becoming super.

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At some point, I started using sketch books, and started to carefully cluster like items together.

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I also occasionally used those early sketch books to sketch in, as well, moving away from having them be separate from my fashion albums. (Someday I might show you examples of those!) I’m not proud of my sketching, but well, here are some examples…

Bicycles also showed up from time to time, and more often as my interest and the trend grows.

As old-fashioned as this seems, given the popularity of social media outlets like Pinterest and Instagram, both of which I love using, there is something very relaxing to me about pulling pages out of magazines and catalogs, then carefully cutting out the prized image, and arranging it on a page with thematic others. I am actually a bit behind, and might spend some time over the holidays cutting and pasting in front of movies. I always enjoy looking over the previous pages, and wondering why I still don’t dress like the things I aspire to – price can’t be the only deterrent! But I guess it’s good to have things to dream about, right? Even while we enjoy what we have. New Couch and Tree

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