There are many reasons why I think I have a really cool job, and PBS is one of them. I have spent the last almost three years working with the HR manager at PBS on active transportation and wellness benefits and amenities, and getting to go to the corporate headquarters always seems like a treat. I’ve been a PBS fan from early on, and that’s pretty much the only TV I watch these days. It’s just the best programming, and I’m not saying that because I work with the company. Not only are the hallways full of Big Bird and Mystery! series posters, but the lobby often has fun extras, like the “Call the Midwife” vintage bicycle a while ago, or the TV Christmas tree I saw today. PBS TV Christmas Tree_TLCurrently, PBS is promoting the upcoming Season 5 launch of Downton Abbey, and in a BIG way. PBS Lady Mary and Me_TLYep, right there on the side of their building is Lady Mary! PBS and the Crystal City BID teamed up to put up this huge image, and are encouraging the public to Tweet their Lady Mary selfies to #DowntonPBS – so naturally I did! Fun! I can’t wait to start the next season in a few weeks! (yes, you Brits who get to see it earlier than us have an advantage – don’t give anything away!)

My contact at PBS gave my colleague and me Downton Abbey goodies as we left – a tea bag and coaster promoting the show. You better believe I will be taking a #BIGsip with #DowntonPBS on January 4th! PBS DowntonAbbeyTea_TLAdmittedly, I mostly love the costumes, but over the four seasons, I have definitely been sucked into the drama as well. What will happen next? Weeks of torture to slowly find out… Is anyone else as excited about the series as I am?!

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