Target is one of my favorite stores, but it just rose a notch in my esteem, after discovered a Target-brand bike bag! Imagine my surprise at finding cute tote panniers on an end rack in the sports section, and then discovering that they were on clearance – half off $20! What?! Not that I need a new pannier, but heck, it was cute, it was the right price – how could I not buy it?!

Although I love stripes and ditsy florals equally, the pink and blue is one of my favorite color combinations.

Although I love stripes and ditsy florals equally, the pink and blue is one of my favorite color combinations.

I haven’t actually used it yet, which is why this is more of a preview than a review, but I wanted to share this as soon as possible, in case anyone else is interested in buying a bag of their own (or buying it for someone as a Christmas present!).

It is a pretty decent size, although I prefer a more vertical shape, rather than the horizontal of this bag. I was able to fit a package fully into the bag, and made use of the pleated zip top, which adds a few more inches of height. Smart! As you can see, it is fairly comparable in size to my other panniers.

Notice a theme in my bike bags?!

Notice a theme in my bike bags?!

After playing with it for a while, I realized that there is a strap in the front pocket that can be used to hook over the bag and clip onto the rack. Because it is adjustable, this means I can fit it over tall things I’m transporting, in addition to making the bag a bit more secure. This is a pretty cool feature that my other bags don’t have.

The bag also fits in my front basket, which isn’t a requirement of any sort, just a nice feature. Target Bag 6It has pretty sturdy hooks on the back, with a zip panel that pulls up over them. The hooks are sturdy enough that I really had to pull to get the bag off the rack! This is the first time I have had this sort of hook cover, and I’m glad I have a skirt guard, because I might worry about the flap catching on the spokes of the wheel. Maybe it wouldn’t ever get that close, however.

It is lacking any sort of reflectivity, and has no inside pockets, which isn’t a huge drawback. I’ll have to figure out how to add some reflective trim without clashing with the design. Excuse to buy a new reflector from, perhaps?

See the reflective tape on these other bags? And nothing on the new bag. Yet.

See the reflective tape on these other bags? And nothing on the new bag. Yet.

Inside - no internal pockets

Inside – no internal pockets

This is probably not a bag I would use in rainy weather because that pink nylon doesn’t seem to offer any sort of water resistance. I probably won’t use this much in the winter and save it for the spring, but it’s cheeriness might be just what the winter needs. Now that it is officially winter!

I guess I’ll report back after using it a while to let you know how it’s holding up. I couldn’t find it on the Target website, by the way, so I hope Target doesn’t consider this a failed product idea and not repeat the concept. I think it is a good example of how mainstream bike transportation is becoming, for a huge retailer like Target to produce something like this. Maybe if we all rush to stores to buy what’s left, they will see the interest, and design new ones for next summer! I might just rush back to get another one anyway – can’t beat the price! Target Bag 13

5 thoughts on “Product Preview: Target Bike Tote Bag

  1. I have one of these too, that I just got, and I LOVE it. When you unzip the panel over the hooks, there’s actually an extra pocket space beneath the hooks to tuck in the panel, so it doesn’t fly everywhere.

    For visibility, I actually just clipped a spare red light onto the outer pouch and attached the tote on the left side (toward traffic). I may add reflective tape as well.

    • Ha! I didn’t realize I could just tuck that panel in. I’ve never used that type of cover before. Thanks for telling me! I really love it, after using it a few times now. We’re in the cool kids club with this bag! ; )

      • Glad to help 🙂

        I also just stopped by Target again last night to pick up a second matching one. Now I can bike wherever I want for shopping, and easily take everything home. It’s REALLY heavy to lift the bike with loaded pannier onto the bike racks on the bus, though, so I stopped trying that after a couple of days. Alas.

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