I’ve neglected my blog this past weekend. I was in need of some reading therapy, so I’ve been buried in the Little House on the Prairie books. I blame it on my niece.

The Mechanic and I had our 8-year-old niece over to spend the night last Saturday. It was the first time we’d ever been fully in charge of her, and had her at our house, and overnight, and I was a bit nervous. I just wanted her to have a good time, so she’d want to hang out with us again. I think we were successful.

It was fun – we took her on the Silver Line out to Tyson’s Corner Center. A suburban girl, she doesn’t get to ride trains much, and seemed fascinated by all of it, thank goodness. Our goal was the American Girl Doll store, where she wanted her doll’s ears pierced. I took my American Girl Doll too! I have the original Samantha (she’s been re-released, and is now a bit less historical than before); she was given to me by friends years ago. She’s the 1904 New York Victorian girl, for those of you who don’t know, and I have a few of her historical outfits and accessories, as well as some homemade dresses. I don’t play with her, obviously, and since I don’t have space to display her in our current apartment, she’s been in a box for a while. So she was happy to get out and see the world. Naturally I bought her a new dress at the store.

After sushi at Wasabi, the restaurant in Tyson’s with a conveyor belt of endless sushi, the Disney store, Bath & Body Works, and some ice skating at the outdoor rink at the mall, we staggered home. When we eventually got her tucked into bed, she pulled out her copy of Little House in the Big Woods, which she’s been reading. Yay, one of my favorite series of books ever! Her version is full-color, so I pulled out my decades old set with black and white illustrations, and we compared the lovely Garth Williams images for a while, before I left her to read in bed.

Then I started rereading them. And haven’t stopped.

Okay, I cut out some fabric Sunday after our niece left, and took apart my wedding dress, so I now have a few projects ready to start, huzzah! But basically all I did Sunday and then Monday night was read. Reading is my way of dealing with stress – when I’m overloaded by life, I need to bury myself in a book. And I felt a bit overloaded by the time she left; both The Mechanic and I were. Not used to being around kids much, close to 24 hours of non-stop attention on a kid overwhelmed true-introvert The Mechanic and borderline-introvert me. So I need to reread some old favorite fiction. I skimmed through The Long Winter last night, which seemed appropriate as Winter Storm/Blizzard Juno was rolling in on the Northeast. I just couldn’t manage to rouse myself from my reading stupor to write a blog post. Do you ever get like that – so overwhelmed that you need to do nothing? Or rather, bury yourself in something to take your mind off things?

This was once a Liberty of London for Target duvet cover. Now it will be a spring blouse.

This was once a Liberty of London for Target duvet cover. Now it will be a spring blouse with an orange sherbert reflective sash.

My poor wedding dress!

My poor wedding dress!

A friend is going to repurpose this. She's an amazing seamstress with two daughters - I can't wait to see what she does with it!

A friend is going to repurpose this. She’s an amazing seamstress with two daughters – I can’t wait to see what she does with it!

Now, however, I feel like I’m a bit more relaxed and I’m thinking ahead to everything I want to do this weekend – I just need to finish one last book… Happy Golden Years

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