February is always a shockingly short month, even though we all know it’s just a few days shorter than the rest. How do those two missing days make the month seem so short?!

Some of the other things going on this month include cutting up my wedding dress, needing new sewing labels and of course reflective sewing projects!

Wedding Dress Project

I really love my wedding dress and am sad to not get to ever wear it again. So I decided that I’d turn it into a midi skirt. I love the soft floral print, and it’s full enough to make a lovely Spring or Easter skirt. Last week I took it into work to use the fabulous work table as my cutting table one last time. (The office is about to be remodeled, so good bye to the best office amenity ever!) I have to confess that cutting into the floral print chiffon was not easy! I was surprised at how emotional it made me. But I want the chance to wear it again, so I have nothing to lose from trying this. So cut away I did.

The plan is to add an elastic waistband – not elegant, but this way I don’t have to put a zipper into this slippery fabric – and hem it, and that’s all it needs! I’m a bit worried about hemming this stuff but friends have been coaching me long distance, so I’ll try it on the scraps first. My goal is to have this done before Easter, when we go to Palm Springs for a friend’s wedding. I’m not sure what I’ll wear it with, although I think the lovely pink Clarks Hotel Bustle fishermans sandals with (reflective?) ankle socks would be an adorable casual touch.

Sewing Labels

I suddenly realized that I’m almost out of sewing labels! This isn’t that big of a deal, because I’d like new ones anyway. I’m ready to move beyond my “Half-Assed Originals” ones that I have had for probably a decade or more. I got those back in the day because that’s the way I felt my sewing was, half-assed, because I was too busy just trying to get things done, rather than done well. Now I want things done well, and I’d really like the labels to say “Tin Lizzie.” The sticking point is that I’d love an image but I don’t know what kind of image. I like the idea of a bunny on a bike, but I don’t really want a bike. Maybe just a symbol, or just my ankle tattoo, or a really fancy E initial. I just don’t know. Anyone know a graphics person who would be willing to create something for me?

Time for a new design!

Time for a new design!

Reflective, of course!

I have loved the reflective designs on the LFlect website for a while now, probably since I first started experimenting with reflective materials. I’ve never ordered anything because it’s a bit pricey, being British and that exchange rate and shipping and all, but I was weak when I saw their new reflective “yarn” wrapped on hearts, just in time for Valentine’s Day. I wouldn’t call it yarn, exactly, because it is indeed a bit chunky and sort of like strips of knit with reflective striping. I have no idea what I’ll do with this, but I’m sure something will come to me eventually.

I am also working on the bomber jacket I want to wear to the National Women’s Bike Forum, which I realize is only a week away! I’m pretty excited about how it looks so far.

Left side without the flash, right side with the flash.

Left side without the flash, right side with the flash.


I realized that February 28th was my bike’s 3 year birthday! It’s really been three years since The Mechanic converted his beater bike into my beloved Little Lord Fauntleroy! Fauntleroy has matured since then, with his Danish front basket, Swedish skirt guard, leather grips and so on, but there is nothing I’d trade him in for. I still love my bike and look forward to more years of biking around town with Fauntleroy.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

It’s also been three years since I’ve been at my current job, and blogging. It’s hard to think that it’s only been that long. I wonder what will happen in the next three years.

Please note:  I don't normally put anything on my sewing table, not even water! But it makes a nice picture, nicht war?

Please note: I don’t normally put food or drink on my sewing table, not even water! But it makes a nice picture, nicht war?


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