Um, where did April go?!

May is a good month, because it’s National Bike Month, and there are soooo many bikey things going on! But before we get to May, let’s wrap up the goings-ons in April.

I didn’t get much sewing done, and I didn’t do much biking either. I hope this isn’t a trend for the spring! So here’s what is going on with other people:


Philadelphia launched it’s new bikeshare system, Indego. Huzzah! Welcome to the bikeshare city club, Philly! And check out their snazzy bikes: not just a wire mesh basket in the front, but one on the back rack – and yes, I said rack! Those bikes have back racks! That means I could take my own pannier with me and just clip it on the bikeshare bike! Genius! What a difference that would make to me. As it is, I frequently don’t take Capital Bikeshare because my pannier doesn’t fit in the front basket, it smacks me in the knee when I hang it from the handle bar, or it’s just awkward to carry over my shoulder. #gamechanger I can’t wait to take a weekend trip to Philly now and check out these bikes.

Carniesha Kwashie of the Mayor's of Transportation and Utilities and Claudia Setubal of Bicycle Transit Systems on Indego bikes. Photo by Mitchell Leff, from

Carniesha Kwashie of the Mayor’s of Transportation and Utilities and Claudia Setubal of Bicycle Transit Systems on Indego bikes in Philadephia, PA. Photo by Mitchell Leff, from

Women BikeDC

Mary at Chasing Mailboxes, here in the Washington, DC, area, has started a blog series about women in the DC area who bike. It’s great because I’ve thought about doing the same thing, but never found the time, and she write much more frequently than I do, so you’ll actually get something often. Check it out and keep an eye on it, especially if you are in the DC area. I think it’s so great to know a bit more about the women I may pass in a bike lane (well actually, they are probably passing me).


Sam of Sam’s Signature Seams recently blogged that she uses Evernote as her pattern tracker. I think this is brilliant! I’ve tried Evernote before, but found that it always deleted my categories, so I eventually gave up on it. I’m inspired by her blog post to try it again, and not just patterns – maybe it’s a good way to track and categorize the things I actually make. I’m bad about remembering when I made things, so maybe this will help. Have you used Evernote before? What are your tricks and tips, if you have? I probably need the help. Evernote

Random Brushes With Fame

The Discerning Cyclist published a post I wrote about spring shoes, which reminded me of the shoes I had been lusting after, and now I’m lusting after them again. My feet hurt at the moment, which makes me really want the sneakersNeiman Marcus Rene Caovilla Metallic Floral Lace Up Sneakers

The League of American Bicyclists

I was innocently cruising through Twitter during work recently, trying to catch up on world news and industry news, when I found a ran across a photo of myself! The Bike League has used a photo of mine on one of their blog posts! It’s a photo from when some friends and I did a bike ride last year, something I’d Tweeted but haven’t thought about in ages. Therefore, it was a bit weird to see it staring at me on Twitter. I’m not opposed to it, I just had no idea they were going to use it. I think it’s a bit odd that they used a photo of us on a blurb about bicycle-friendly engineering, but whatever. I’m flattered to be a Bike League model! 2015_0430_Bike League TweetI’m looking forward to May because it’s a busy and important month. I hope you are ready for lots of sewing and the National Bike Challenge! Dust off those bikes and sewing machine and get ready for fun!

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