Friends on Facebook post photos of their #DWZ – Dog Walking Zen. I was going to start a Bike Riding Zen hashtag for Instagram and Twitter, but apparently #BRZ is a car. Um, maybe not.

I needed some Bike Riding Zen this weekend when The Mechanic and I dragged ourselves out on a bike ride, our last “training” ride before our half-century this coming weekend. After a long day cruising European Union embassies for EU Open House Day in DC, we were exhausted and hadn’t had a chance to get any chores done. Sure, we had a good day, but there’s always that weekend stuff that needs to happen, and just hadn’t.

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I felt downright crabby about taking the time to drive to Purcellville, VA, to the end of the W&OD Trail, so we could ride for a few hours. (Why does it seem like when I’m sleepy The Mechanic is wide-awake chatty, and vice versa? Do we really suck that much energy from each other? Is that married life?!) All I could think about as we set off was the litany of things I needed to do – wedding gift for friends, early Monday morning meeting prep, must write check to German Honor Society, rental car for our trip to Wilmington, NC, we still haven’t ordered wedding photo prints!, etc. An hour each way, at least 2 hours of biking, plus set up and break down at every end point…. That did end up being our whole day, actually. (Hence the post on Tuesday, not on Monday, in case you noticed).

And yet…. somewhere along the trail, my crankiness evaporated and my list slipped out of my thoughts. W&OD Trail 1 W&OD Trail 2 W&OD Trail 3Isn’t it amazing what a few hours on a bike in a beautiful landscape can do for your happiness?!

W&OD Trail Barn

2 thoughts on “Bike Riding Zen

  1. I hear ya. Sometimes the hassle of getting the bike and me prepped for a ride and/or the ride to get to my ride is tiring or annoying or time consuming. But once I’m out there, on my bike, looking at the world and nature, I always always enjoy it. There is something peaceful and settling about rides. How about #brzen ? 🙂

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