Are you ready for Bike to Work Day? I am – I’ll be working at a local pit stop (Ballston – if any of you reading stop there, look for me!) and I *might* be wearing something special, something women & bike specific, not of my own making! Intrigued? You’ll have to wait until next week to find out – or check my Twitter feed on Friday.  BTWD-Logo-2015-black-e1421436521719

If you aren’t ready, there are plenty of retailers out there who want to help you – I swear I’ve gotten (and deleted) several emails this week for gear and clothes and so on. I couldn’t find all of them, but REI, Map My Ride, and Terry Bicycles top the list. (Note that the Map My Ride ad shows a woman in heels on a bike with a front basket – everyone is trying hard to avoid the MAMIL image!)

Some retailers have figured out that this event means big business, and they should. It’s a great excuse to get new gear, sort of like the bike equivalent of Back to School in the Fall. Now we just need to get non-bike companies to figure this out as well, and get on the retail wagon. Maybe once bigger companies cater a bit more to Those Who Bike, and Those Who Bike For Transportation, stores and cities and neighborhoods will be more inclined to cater to us as well – better bike racks, more bike lanes, more polite street behavior (cars, I’m looking at you). It’s a dream I realize, but hey, a girl can dream!

Eventually, everyone will realize BikeArlington is right with their Number One Reason to Bike to Work: Bike ArlingtonAll your friends will be there – because they biked as well!

See you in the bike lane, friends!


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