Hold Please!

Oops. Somehow the week went by too fast and I never got my blog post written for Thursday! And here it is, Friday morning, and I am writing from a Vamoose bus en route to New York City. I have a busy schedule of friends and theater and fabric shopping, plus getting my hair cut at my favorite place, the Aveda Institute (the students practice on willing guinea pigs!). When I lived in Manhattan I only went there – the price is right and it appealed to my constant desire for something new while having a consistent place to go. And in all the years I went, I can only think of one haircut I really didn’t like. 

I also hope to have an opportunity at lady to try out CitiBikes. I confess a degree of nervousness about biking in NYC but I know it’s improved slit since I lived there, so I need to get over my worries. Nonetheless, New York does not have a good track record for biking and pedestrian protections.

So please excuse the lack of a bike-themed post for this week, and I’ll get back to you soon! 

Enjoy your long Memorial Day weekend!  


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