At last it is June, and our lives seem to have calmed down a bit. Although we had a lovely yet brief trip to Wilmington, NC, The Mechanic and I are both grateful that we have almost no travel scheduled this month. The exception is an overnight trip to Shepherdstown, WV, to celebrate our first anniversary – I can’t believe the first year has gone by so quickly!

So now I have plenty of time to get caught up on some sewing, huzzah! The ideas, patterns and fabric are stacked up and awaiting my time – where to begin?! Fabric 1

Although I’ve been planning on Vogue 9087 for ages, it is a slightly more involved pattern, so after I realized that I can easily knock out McCalls 6604 with this vintage Liberty of London fabric a friend just gave me, I think that will be my second weekend project. I think the vintage look of this Liberty fabric lends itself well to the simple version C. I am, however, considering making it my first non-reflective sewing project. <gasp> No! you cry, how can that be?!  It’s a really simple pattern with little room for reflective creativity. I could just add it to the sleeves – or I could just leave it off. I can’t decide.

Then I can sink my teeth into Vogue 9087, version B, half in reflective fabric.

Then the luxurious hummingbird print cotton lawn I purchased in New York – this will be wonderful in Butterick 6214, version C (but without the silly useless pocket). I really can’t wait to make this one either! I am in love with the print.

Of course, I’m planning on making three tops, and I have no pants for summer. Seriously, I own three pairs of summer weight pants, and one pair is hugely patterned, ie, not going to go with everything. So I guess I need to consider that at some point too, such as perhaps this linen blend with this skirt pattern?

But here is the drama – I am out of clothing labels! I’ve put them into everything I’ve made so far, and even though they were a bit outdated and in no way connected to Tin Lizzie Bikes, sewing them into things gave an aura of “real” clothing. I’ve been hunting for new ones, and can’t find anything I like. I’d like to design something cool and special but I have no idea what that would be. I think I need a designer to help me. I’ve scoured the depths of Etsy and just can’t find anything that calls my name. I could just order basic, easy ones, but even still, they won’t come before I get any of these projects done. What do I do?!?!?  Seriously, this is a problem for me.

I am considering using some of this fun, gorgeous ribbon that I purchased last summer at Britex Fabrics. I love the squirrel theme, even though rabbits are My Thing. But I don’t have any cute rabbit ribbon. Squirrel RibbonIt is such a dilemma! I want whatever labels I put in my clothing to say something about me, and although I love these ribbons, I’m not sure they say what I want them to say. The problem is, I’m not sure what that would be. Bunnies? Bikes? Squirrels? Mermaids? Flowers? Trees? Globes? Maps? Compasses? Maybe my ankle tattoo? What screams “reflective office clothing!” to you?

And do you have any good suggestions on where to find sew-in clothing labels? Soon?!


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