While I was in Vancouver, a colleague and his girlfriend were dashing around Europe, culminating their trip in Copenhagen. Although they were there for Noma, they graciously (and perhaps patiently on her part) ducked into a few bike shops in search of the light that goes on the front of my Copenhagen-purchased front basket. Last summer I took a picture of one when The Mechanic and I were briefly in Copenhagen, so I begged my colleague to look while he was there.


He found the perfect light! Flat, with bolts that fit the panel on the front of my basket, and an on-and-off switch under the realtors.  

It was super easy to install, although The a Mechanic is going to cut the bolts down so they don’t snag whatever I put in the basket. I love the way it looks, too. The front basket finally feels complete.  

I do wish it had a blink option, and it’s not as bright as my current front light, but since I rarely ride after dark on the unlit trails, I don’t foresee this being a problem. I’m sure this light is enough for Copenhageners, who get to bike in separated bike lanes in mostly well-lit streets. (Yes, envious.) 

I also looked up Spectra – spectraparts.com – and they sell some lovely bike bags. Lesigh. The tag says “made in Finland,” although I don’t know if that refers to the card or the light, and there is a CyclEurope logo on the back. It’s hard not to be envious.

But for now I am quite happy with my Danish bike light! It feels perfectly, no?  


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