August ends on a high note – I enjoyed my BikeArlington Comfort Bike Map bike route, and finally made something out of the bamboo jersey I originally purchased for a jumpsuit.

After blogging about the new Comfort Bike Map, I ended up using it to plan a route to Nottingham Elementary School, from Ballston. I first checked out the Google options, then compared that to the Comfort Map, and quickly found my preferred option – the Custis Trail to the W&OD Trail, then off to “easy” N. Ohio Street, and onto “easy” John Marshall Drive.

It was not only amazingly easy (except for one part, which I’ll come back to), it was quite lovely. The route once off the trail cut through Westover, the lovely neighborhood where I used to live, and past some familiar places. The only tricky part was the crossing at Lee Highway – Lee Highway is marked “strongly discouraged” on the Comfort Map, and the crossing is orange, but what the comfort map doesn’t show is that the crossing is not only not clearly indicated, it’s a simple painted crosswalk over four lanes – this left me up to the whim of the drivers both times when I needed to cross.

I enjoyed the rest of the route, and even stopped to photograph a deer casually chewing grass along the side of the trail on my way home. I was in a very good mood after this discovery, and am even more excited about the Comfort Map. Seriously, you need to get one!

The other exciting thing that happened this weekend is that I finally made something out of the tie dye bamboo jersey I had ordered ages ago for a different project. I think this New Look 6301 dress turned out cute, and boy is it comfortable! It didn’t get much reflective trim, because I realized that the jersey is too stretchy for the non-stretchy reflective material, but that’s okay. The wide stripe up the center back should work well. The skirt is swingy, which will mean plenty of bike pedaling space, and the faux wrap front is cute enough for date night. The pattern was very easy, although I omitted the waist tie. A fellow sewer on Instagram said that she’s made two and never added the sash, so since I didn’t have enough fabric, I was happy to not stress over it. I think it looks fine without it.

The fabric was very spongy to sew, which was fine, but having to take out seams was tricky, since the stitches seemed to melt right into it. I thought bamboo was supposed to have moisture-wicking properties, but wearing it over the weekend just to walk around in made me question that – I hope I don’t overheat the first time I bike in this dress!

Yep, it's reflective!

Yep, it’s reflective!

I can’t believe it’s the end of August, and the mental end of the summer. Students don’t start school until September 8, right after Labor Day, here in Arlington, and even though that’s a week away, the arrival of September always signals the beginning of the fall. The Mechanic and I have a mini vacation coming up soon, then we are both starting German classes (he is taking beginning, I will be reviewing grammar in an intermediate class), so I guess we feel that “back to school” pressure a bit as well. The fall seems to be already booked up for me, yikes. Are any of the rest of you going back to school in some way or another?

A DC Vision Zero Capital Bikeshare bike in Arlington! I didn't use it so I didn't Tweet about how it kept me safe, but if you ride one, be sure to read this article and Tweet!

A DC Vision Zero Capital Bikeshare bike in Arlington! I didn’t use it so I didn’t Tweet about how it kept me safe, but if you ride one, be sure to read this article and Tweet!

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