It’s always a good weekend when I get to do a long bike ride someplace fun, or finish a sewing project. Last weekend I finished a blouse I’d been wanting to make for a while. That is, I’d been in love with the fabric for a while but couldn’t decide on the pattern, so I bit the bullet and made something I already had – Butterick 5610.

I made Version B last year with some really obnoxious silky fabric (I love this blouse but hate the way it poufs right over my tummy; makes me totally insecure), and have always loved Version A (decided I don’t want any more gathered hips!). The pattern wasn’t really what I had in mind for this fabric, but I couldn’t find anything I liked more, so I cut out the pattern and hoped for the best. And was pleasantly surprised!





The reflective trim even turned out well, even if my “pivot and turn” stitching technique leaves a bit to be desired.

Front - it sort of looks like a necklace!

Front – it sort of looks like a necklace!



Yes, I worked on this while I watched the newest Season 3 “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries“! I didn’t really understand the directions to create the front pleating, but it ended up working anyway, somehow. I just folded until it looked right, then basted and stitched. Also, the directions called for covering the seams on the front and back facings, but not on the sleeves. I thought that looked bad, and could potentially be itchy, so I faced the entire yoke and sleeves. Antique Blouse 16

I am really pleased with the way the front pleating and yoke turned out.  The instructions called for edge stitching the neck and sleeve hem, but I only did the sleeves. I prefer the neck unstitched. After topstitching the reflective trim down, I took out the stitches, because I didn’t like that look either. Sometimes, less is more.

I was excited to wear this to work this week. The colors of the blouse make me think of antique fabrics, and go with so many things in my closet! It even goes with a skirt I’m making. But for the first day, I picked navy pants with brown shoes and a brown belt. I loved it! (Although I had to laugh when I met The Mechanic for dinner later, and he was wearing navy pants, brown shoes, a brown belt, and a shirt with similar colors…. Do all couples dress alike or are we weird about this?!)

The Mechanic got a few shots of me biking home in the dusk after dinner. It’s not a ton of reflectivity, but enough in front and back to make me happy.

So for something that wasn’t initially what I thought I wanted, I love this, and plan to wear it often. A perfect “staple” in my wardrobe.

It even matches my helmet!

It even matches my helmet!


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