I can’t believe I almost missed this. It was posted on my Women & Bikes Facebook group, or I might have never seen it, since I rarely check out Betabrand. But this was custom-designed for me! 3M has created a Retroreflective Women’s Dress and it’s *gorgeous*! Currently, Betabrand is taking crowdfunding votes to see if this dress will be made. PLEASE go vote! I need this dress! 3m_flashback_dress_4_5Actually, what I would really prefer to have is that reflective fabric. The dress is cute but I’d love to make my own stuff with the fabric. Pants would be wonderful! I wonder how it breathes….

I did some poking around on the 3M website, and found some interesting things. First of all, this dress was a concept dress, announced in April 2015. 3M designers apparently worked with Safe Reflections to create the fabric out of reflective heat transfer materials. My mind is racing – think of it! Gorgeous, detailed designs turned into reflective fabric. Reflective Liberty of London classics, perhaps?! Safe Reflections has all kinds of fun things on their website, plus some sporty looking reflective fabric in *colors*! I’m not into that kind of fabrics but I could come up with designs so I could use those colors.

I really hope this dress gets crowdfunded so I can get the dress. I really want to hold it in my hands and see the fabric. I’m fantasizing about it already….


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