I really love color block dresses. I love the concept of color blocking, because it’s a fun way to make basic garments more interesting, and because I love color, it’s the perfect way to combine my favorite color combinations. I’ve made color block stuff before, like this sweatshirt, and there are a few other patterns I’d still love to try.

I don’t remember which I saw first this summer – the McCalls 7160 dress pattern or the Boden Alice Ponte Dress (in Lupin Multi). As much as I love the Boden dress, the McCalls pattern offered an opportunity to make my own color blocked dress, and to coordinate the colors with things I’m making or already own. I added the pattern to my Fall 2015 Capsule Collection.

Boden Alice Ponte Dress in Lupin Multi

Boden Alice Ponte Dress in Lupin Multi (Image from Boden Website)

It took me a while to hunt down the fabric I wanted online, since it sold out at Fabric.com initially, but I eventually assembled navy, burgundy and heathered lavender knits. Then I decided to use the new camo print reflective fabric I recently purchased for the reflective bias in the skirt seam. It’s more flexible than the silver 3M reflective fabric, and less bright, so it won’t be so “in our face” obvious. Color Block 5 Color Block 6The front and back pieces of the skirt, before they get put together. The lavender and the navy look really great together, don’t they?

Last Friday I had some minor dental surgery, so while I waited for the feeling came back to my mouth, I cut out this dress and got it started. I had decided to lengthen the waist, since my waist is a bit longer than most patterns are designed for, so that took some extra time. And making the reflective bias wasn’t quick either. Notice in the above photo how the reflectivity isn’t uniform (pun not intended! Camo – uniform – get it?!)? Maybe if I’d made the bias wider, more of the fabric, and therefore the reflectivity, would show.

The dress went together pretty easily, and I was able to wear it to the Kennedy Center Saturday night. (In retrospect, going to the symphony after surgery wasn’t the best idea – thankfully the swelling in my face isn’t that noticeable, and there isn’t any bruising!) After lengthening the waist, I didn’t like the look, and how low it felt, so I shortened it up a bit in the waist seam. My initial thought, when I tried it on, was that it makes me look frumpy. It pulls on over the head, so the bodice is a bit loose, for some wiggle room. I prefer a slimmer fit with a full skirt. But after adding heels and some fancy jewelry and my fab new navy blue faux leather moto jacket from my Stitch Fix subscription, I feel less frumpy. And I love the swing of a full circle, don’t you?

As our weather begins to feel like fall, and forecasts show overnight lows in the 40s and 50s, I’ve been checking out shirts in my wardrobe that can go under this dress.Two different denim shirts and a variety of striped turtlenecks, plus my Boden soldiers print shirt from last year, mean I have plenty of options for this dress. Color Block 2 Color Block 8This is the first garment off my Fall Capsule Collection list that I can check off. I’ve made a few other pieces, including my Antique Blouse and a recently-finished, un-blogged-about skirt, but this is off the official list. I’m trying hard not to deviate from it.

Fall outfit in my office - the Antique Blouse (Butterick 5610) and the brick red corduroy skirt (McCalls 6361)

Fall outfit in my office -my Antique Blouse (Butterick 5610) and the brick red corduroy skirt (McCalls 6361), which I’m pretty pleased with, even if I didn’t understand the directions for the zipper…

I am deviating from my list one more time, however. I’m completely in love with this word-print lightweight stretch denim. I’ve got a quirky reflective detail idea up my sleeve with this one, but in case it doesn’t turn out, I don’t want to say anything.

A-line skirt, on the way!

A-line skirt, on the way!

And I am making skirts for two friends. I normally dislike sewing for other people, as something never seems to go quite right, but one is a fairly easy foldover waist knit skirt, and the other, well, she wanted the Star Wars fabric, and I couldn’t resist!

But I guess I can take a breather and get some important life stuff done first. Do you obsess over sewing projects, and neglect all else to work on them incessantly? If so, I’ll feel better. It’s hard to not sew when there is so much fun stuff to create!

"The Age of Elizabeth" at the Kennedy Center

“The Age of Elizabeth” at the Kennedy Center

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