I think my life would be much simpler with only one (okay maybe two) hobbies! Biking, sewing, and blogging all compete with trying to get to the gym, trying to keep up on current events, trying to keep up my German language skills, occasionally reading books I’m interested in, and trying to keep up with friends. I really don’t know how parents do it.

OMG messy sewing table! Too many projects!

OMG messy sewing table! Too many projects!

All that to say, I haven’t been keeping up any of these things, including and especially my blog. So here is a whirlwind tour of the last week.


Because I don’t have enough to sew, I caved in to Instagram peer pressure and ordered the Colette Wren dress pattern. I opted for the paper pattern, but got the long sleeve download. Despite having the long sleeve option, I might wait to make this in the spring and use the short sleeve option. I’ve got too many other things to do right now than make this dress – but it will be my first indie pattern in ages, and I’m excited to make it.

Oooh exciting!

Oooh exciting!


The Mechanic and I are still hunting for a step-through frame bike option. We played around with the Raleigh and for a brief moment thought we could make it work, but then I biked around on it and realized it’s really that small. Le sigh. I just love this bike.

I feel like a giantess on this bike frame.

I feel like a giantess on this bike frame.


One of my absolute most best friends in the entire world got married this past spring and moved to Dallas to be with his husband. This past weekend was the first time I had a chance to visit them, and to see Dallas. First impressions after a 48 hour trip: it reminded me of Los Angeles; everything, and I mean everything, was decorated with pumpkins; cars cars cars; wealth wealth wealth. I was most intrigued by a gorgeous new bridge, the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge and it’s neighbor, the Dallas Continental Avenue Bridge that connects West Dallas and Trinity Groves to Dallas proper. Trinity Groves is a fun yet isolated development with a “restaurant concept incubator” and some retail. The new and wide pedestrian access bridge was full of families the day we walked across, and seems to be already redeveloping the neighborhood around Trinity Groves. I’ll be curious to see how that develops by my next visit.

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Friends from Germany arrived this week, friends we visited last summer during our honeymoon, and with whom I’ve been friends since 2004. It’s so lovely to have the opportunities to visit in person as often as we have been able to over the years; Skype only does so much. We spent part of Veteran’s Day at the Arlington National Cemetery on a perfect Fall day. National CemeteryThey brought some absolutely delightful gifts from Germany, completely spoiling us! My faves are the book with sewing patterns for “statement skirts,” Biff the Sorgenfresser and Christmas books.

It is nice to get away from hobbies and spend time with friends – and in doing so, discover that you are finding new ways to build on existing hobbies. It’s a vicious circle!

Proof of good sewing projects - ones you want to take on trips

Proof of good sewing projects – ones you want to take on trips…

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